How Many CPU Cores Do I Need For Gaming? [Simple]

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How many CPU cores do you need for gaming? Is it two, four, six, or even more?

This is exactly what we’ll be discussing in this video so keep watching to find out the answer!

0:00 Intro
0:54 A CPU Core
1:48 Gaming Performance
2:43 Physical vs Logical Cores
4:13 Cores Aren’t Everything
5:03 Bottlenecking
5:44 Conclusion


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  1. Tabibito San

    some people can play the withcer 3 high setting with single core 5.0 cpu…get 35-40 fps…soo

  2. Brian

    Seeing those consoles stacked into a tiny case like that triggered the shit out of me.

  3. Tamás Rásó

    You should not have talked about 2 cores, they were already dead for gaming in 2018, instead you should have made some 4c/4t vs 4c/8t vs 6c/6t vs 6c/12t benchmarks.

  4. likoniq

    Ok so I didn’t a video on how to get more and now I have 0 what should I do???

  5. Eric

    1.25 playback speed. No need to thank me.

  6. Mister Man

    I have a Ryzen 7 3800X and was wondering if it made any difference over a 4 core for games. I mainly use it as a desktop pc anyway but I do play games.

  7. Vinmango B

    I only need my c64 with one core lol, dam best selling computer to this day …

  8. A. Teima

    Why am I watching this even though my quad core cpu runs games perfectly fine – ah yes I remembered I'm just wasting time on 3 AM

  9. Paradox007

    2020 … 6 cors not enough anymore. My i5 8400 6 cors running 100/100 with a gtx 1070 ( comparitive setting ) on pubg. I think its time to move to Ryzen platform.

  10. Not sure should I buy R5 3600 or R7 2700x. 40$ upgrade from my R7 1700. Streaming/recording 1080p@60fps with my RTX 2070. Gaming at 1440p

  11. misterPAINMAKER

    It is simple you need as many cpus cores as you can buy. The more the better, because the more cores will futureproof your cpu.

  12. HerculesMWP

    Beginning into gaming pc, this made my head hurt a bit :/

  13. EVIL QTip

    What I love about your review is your right on the money I mean that's an excellent excellent review it also depends what you're doing I mean games they need for Coors and forth reading will help 6 cores is the best for gaming for me what I've seen six cores actually a CPU like a 3600 XT like the highest model seems to really do well especially if you overclock it like by 100 megahertz and you just give it that little extra push you put a very heavy duty heat sink and that thing is performing stable and way way more power then you couldn't really need for gaming because it's the single thread count x 6 if it's the fastest one that's the one you choose for gaming the other CPUs are multi threader's for other programming's like a editing AutoCAD will it help and games the same and it's a waste of money so people sit there and they take the 3900 X or something like that which is like 24 threads 12 cores and when they go to play a video game it's the same speed really the only time of Benchmark is going to show you more as because logically The Benchmark will look at the more threads and say Well it deserves more of a square because it's got more threats that's the problem with benchmarks they're actually theoretically full of s*** they're not functioning they're not really showing you the truth they're showing you what theoretically it should be but actual fact a 6 core 12 thread is the best CPU on the market to buy for anything Anythink the only time you should invest in anything else other than that size CPU is the ssds for the running in Raid 0 and also the Evo the end to whatever you want to call them the the chips that are 5000 mega bites a second and they plug in your motherboard and they have two terabytes on them and they're just super super quick and you run two of those on your board running in Raid 0 you got 10,000 RPM a sorry 10000 megabytes a second

  14. EVIL QTip

    Now things that people don't realize is the fact and this is a major fact that having your hard drives not slow like an old 5000 RPM hard drive will make make your system that's brand-new run like an old man trying to cross the street it'll be ridiculously slow and people don't realize that it so when you get super super lightning-fast acides and evio's and all these empty ice to drive that do it the five thousand megabytes a second you know like a Evo 980 is 7000 megabytes a second you get two of those running in RAID 0 UF 14000 megabytes a second those things going to make your system fly like insane speeds of loading and running a the system and editing so basically you can put as many threads as you want you know all your system has to be compatible especially your hard drives a memory and memory on the motherboard to I need a few put slow Ram 2400 compared to 4400
    Again you will notice a distance difference in in so many applications of what you're doing whether it be anything that requires temporary ramp storage for performance from your CPU the faster your ran the better for your CPU because once you see if you load that all information into that rhyme that rhyme is lightning speed then your fit throwing it on your graphic or your graphic card doesn't have to wait for anything your system hard drive that's not the way it's raining it's loading right into that Ram that's like bang instant so never have one week chain in your system and God bless real reviewers that tell you the facts that don't waste your money on $2,000 cheap used when $100 CPU cannot perform it

  15. sosig

    My opinion: For causal gaming pick 4 core CPU, for high end gaming pick a 6 or 8 core cpu, depending on your budget.

  16. JLindsell

    “How many CPU Cores do I need for gaming”

    Me: Has an 8 core AMD Ryzen 7 3800X

  17. Scotch Whisky

    It changes all the time, but I'd honestly go with 8 cores over 6 if you can.

  18. Bobby Miller

    Get 8 cores. I got 8 core cpu and it's at 100% usage with my 6800 xt when I game. So obviously 6 core wouldn't been enough

  19. John Stancliff

    I have several quad-core systems and whem paired with a 2GB GPU, the systems work fine…

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