How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming Today? [Simple Guide]

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How much RAM do you ACTUALLY need for gaming? Is 8GB fine, or do you need to opt for 16GB of RAM instead? Perhaps you need to go even higher and get 32GB?

No? You think you might need even more than that?! Well, worry not as we answer all questions you might have in this video.

0:00 Intro
0:33 The Role of RAM in Games
1:17 RAM Capacities
2:45 How Much RAM Should I Get?
3:13 Single Module vs Multiple Modules
3:53 Outro


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  1. Enzo

    My PC is from year 2011 and it has 6gb of RAM. I think why should I buy a PC for the next 8-10years with only 8 or 16 GB. A PC will get old and you can't buy every 2 years a new PC. So why not 32GB? And not every Mainboard has more than 2 slots. Your Mainboard has to be compatible with a higher Ram-memory otherwise you can destroy your mainbord plus your power adapter supply because it has to deliever enough electricity if not you can throw your pc away.

  2. V

    is 12 gb ram enough for 2019? Please answer me

  3. Knyt

    2:02 They obviously didn't take modded minecraft into account

  4. PatTheMad

    Red Dead redamption 2 for pc requirements 16 gb ram+ , so much 16gb will be enough for the Future ….

  5. Vintagegamer

    Is 64gb enough for gaming and music rendering/composing?

  6. Shawn Burrows

    If you are doing Ray tracing you will need more RAM than 16GB an example is Battlefield 5 if I have Ray tracing on low with high graphical settings I use almost my entire 16GB of RAM and I have to close a few programs so I can have enough overhead but I don't get stuttering

  7. 2:50 for example its 2019 and you like to play your fps game with 200fps the game runs much smoother with 32gb because there are less 0.1% and 1% drops and it feels more stable

  8. [;'

    normal games 8gb
    multitasking, modded games, 16gb
    modded cities: skylines, 64gb

  9. Dinslax

    if you like heavy-modding games such as Skyrim and Minecraft, you'll need more than 16gb ram..

  10. Void

    32GB helps with 0.1% lows in framerate. The only pro right now is to reduce stutter.

  11. iSliceAndDice

    I have 237 GB but only 20 GB left on my new pc. My old PC had 2 terabytes….

  12. Nguyen Chanh

    Wow! this is old video! We need 32GB RAM or higher to play modern games since 2019.

  13. SoperX2

    Google Chrome needs all that GB ram space

  14. I use 32GB of RAM and nearly filled it (I played Minecraft and used 83% of my RAM with it and my Server running) so I don’t think that 32GB is too much

  15. Wayne

    You claim 16gb is all that is needed and 32gb is a waste and overkill. U also claim dual channel memory u won't notice any difference. I have an acer nitro 5 laptop and just added a 2nd 16gb ram stick so I went from 16gb single channel to 32gb dual channel. With settings maxed out in shadow of the tomb raider I just went from a average fps of 59 all the way up to 76fps. That's a 30% increase in frame rates. I think you need to redo your video. I also tested planet coaster. On a large park I have a 50% increase on frame rates but the game is super ram intensive

  16. Veritech

    How did you learn to talk that good? Natural or some school?

  17. Sazen

    should i gaet 32 for streaming game

  18. not tellin

    i went from 16gb ddr3 to 32 much happier when i did. i tend to have chrome and firefox open with tabs while gaming.

  19. Jonatslab

    Learning a lot from this channel, good job!

  20. TopSecret2028

    I just got a new Alienware Laptop with 64GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2933MHz so that I can play Minecraft with Ray Tracing at 4K.

  21. pgreenx

    I came here to learn about latency and other similar stuff?

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