How Much VRAM Do You Need for Gaming In 2020? [Simple Guide]

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How much VRAM is enough for gaming today? Should you get a 3 GB or 6GB GDDR5 graphics card model? Or do you need even more today?

Let’s find out in this short, but simple guide that we’ve made to help you.

0:00 Intro
0:29 What is VRAM?
1:01 Graphics Settings VRAM Usage
1:56 How Much VRAM Do I Need?
3:03 Conclusion


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  1. I got a omen 1060 intel 8gb core but only 3vram and I payed over a grand for it and yes I probably did get scammed what’s should i do some recommend selling it and making a custom one or just buy better parts what do you guys think I need help?

  2. Gavin Brown

    I’m here see all these people with 3gb 1060 and I have 6gb 2060 and I’m worried😭😭

  3. Cheaater

    me averaging 60 fps in every game at high-medium 1080p with a 2gb card :p

  4. Tree

    Who is here after nvidia announced 24gb vram for 3080ti

  5. Chon

    My gtx 1060 only has 3gb and I have trouble streaming on twitch and discord

  6. Raunak Soman

    thats cool and all but why are we watching a 2018 vid about 2020? XD XD XD

  7. AddyC

    "Gaming in 2020" and the Video was uploaded in 2018

  8. someonesomewhere

    Thats realy the worst video i ever have seen. Hardware unboxed proofed, that 6GB are already realy close and 4 are not enough and the gpu will just outsource this missing VRAM to the RAMs which gives you performance lose.

  9. someonesomewhere
    quite a lot of the time is 6GB for 1080p not even enought.
    So everyone who whats to play in ultra max settings should wait for the 3070ti and 3080ti to be future proofed. This two cards should have more vram. 3080 with 10gb can be already not enough or is just realy close depends on what titles you would like to play.

  10. Cytasis

    "640K ought to be enough for anybody"

  11. Simple answer look also at consoles. Developers are going optimize for them. Sure you can turn up the settings abit but the complexity of the game is dictated by what consoles play at.

  12. Miss Jellyfish

    PLEASE BUY 8GB VERSIONS!! DON'T BE LIKE ME, PLEASE!! THOSE 30-50 EXTRA BUCKS ARE WORTH IT. Vram is important on good graphic cards.
    At the beginning of the year I got an rx580 4gb just because I wanted to save 30 bucks. I regret it so much rn. I'm playing HZD and despite it being badly optimized for pc, I'm experiencing a lot of blurry/muddy textures that might be cause of high vram usage on cities. It's kinda sad… If I had paid just those extra bucks I wouldn't be having those problems, and now with the incoming next gen consoles, my card will suffer with it. I should have purchased the 8gb version for future proof. It's so sad, now cards are way more expensive… Damn man, the aesthetic of my rig was based on that card. Now if I ever sell this one, it won't be worth to just upgrade to the 8gb version, it's better buying a better card… Though I had no plans on doing it soon.

  13. Pim Cz

    The answer is 4 for 1080 8 for 4k

  14. DESTRO 2

    2020 : you need at least 6 GB VRAM …..8 gb would be great

  15. Danny Hall

    Whose here trying to decide between a 3070 or 6800

  16. Mad hatter

    Im here cause i started to question the rtx 3070 with ONLY 8GB of vram. I think it needs more 😬

  17. I was thinking to put a gtx 1650 super on my pc with i5 6600k and 8 gb of ram.
    I think it's the best card for it's price, around 160€, and seems 4 gb of vram are OK for 1080p ultra/high.
    Lemme know what you think guys, I'm gonna wait until black Friday for the purchase 😁.

  18. bruh

    Short answer ye you can use 4gb but it's better to have at least 6gb

  19. I can't understand why people build high end pc because as we know that a pc can last maximum 6-7 years and passing time the pc is getting old and finally we saw that a 500$ pc can easily beat a 1000$ pc.

  20. sambuddha bhusal

    Plz give the link to download VRAM i downloaded ram and in my computer it says it 8gb ram which was 4 gb before and i think 8gb is enough for me so and why it shows … usable ?

  21. Allan

    I'm safe because i only play at 1080p/144hz, vram in that realm is not too demanding, 6gb or 8gb would be enough in most games, either esport title or triple A.

  22. J Wynne

    i was like noooo waaaay! then i saw video is 3 yrs old lol im like ok that makes sense kinda

  23. Taj Shirajbhai

    This person was making is get ready for the quranatine period 2 years ago to get our gaming setup ready😂

  24. BeroTV

    I have 12gb Vram that's enough for Gaming

  25. F.A.

    If you want to die a little bit inside because you have to low settings get less than 8 gb.

  26. Daksh Singh

    can anybody tell me how long will my gtx 1650 4g vram will last, if i play games in low to med settings in 1920×1080 resolution ?? pls reply!!

  27. Ri2nonerok

    I got a used 2080ti with 11gb ram. How much ram should I use for max fps on 1080p low settings ?

  28. shan123

    a vidio that finaly just says a simple answer instead of showing 20m of usless facts

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