How Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes got sentenced to 11 years

More than seven years after the world first learned of problems at a blood testing company called Theranos, its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, has been sentenced to over 11 years in prison. The lengthy sentence comes after a blockbuster trial that ended with Holmes being convicted on four charges of fraud.

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. Chris Tran

    So what happened to all the money she made? Please tell me she didn't get to keep it.
    Because I will do 11 years for 9 billion dollars. Just saying…I've made less in my lifetime.

  2. Ch On

    Should be lifetime in jail

  3. TheBJW88

    Using pregnancy as a way to lighten the sentence……

  4. W English

    Geeze… murderers do less time…. i just dont think its right.. this is the big one.huh… the big fish…. some rich folks got scammed some…….. its like a salem witch thing…..

  5. Billy Winfield

    Poor Lizzie Dear πŸ€₯ will be out of the Texas prison Camp in less than 4 years, on "such good behavior." πŸ™ˆ

  6. K B

    She will be out in 12 months. Her father was also involved in the Enron bankruptcy. Such a disgusting and evil family.

  7. Simon Templar

    Basically she has got away with stealing hundreds of millions of dollars and destroying the lives of hundreds of people. Not bad.

  8. Luv1234

    The fact that everyone said she was worth billions is astounding considering there was NO PROOF she ever made money except spending other people's money. Shame on the so called reporters.

  9. Symbiote

    10 years cause she conned a bunch of old wimpy businessmen, but pfizer and modern ceos who conned the entire world arr still free

  10. staysic

    11 years? Where are the equal rights in punishments?

  11. Eat The Zoo

    these rich creeps want scam artists like her to rise. get rich and contribute nothing. perfect for lazy complacent oligarchs who dont want lift a finger.

  12. Conan Edigawa

    April? Why does she get so much freedom before she goes to jail?

  13. Ja Wi

    She should have gotten 30 years because she destroyed thousands of careers of good people.

  14. Dayle Baynes


  15. Yo she looks like a scam artist 😭. How did y'all really fall for this bro? And then she got the nerve to say they not go line throw her a joke cuz she's pretty. Which is crazy considering that she had a pretty light sentence. Let that be a guy 🀣

  16. jinx

    lmao people get more for less

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