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How to Backup Files To An External Drive

How to Backup Files To An External Drive

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How to Backup Data To A USB Drive

Backing up data is very important, I use Free File Sync to keep my USB Flash drive updated with all my latest tools that I use on a daily bases. This way i can sync all the files on my computer to a external drive, in my case a USB Flash Drive. Any changes made on the source folder will be mirrored to the target folder. This can be any type of file, documents, portable apps, photos, video or any other type of file. Just setup FreeFileSync and your good to go.

Download FreeFileSync

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  1. Jakob Hovman

    Hello Brian…Excellent video and demo…Thank You…!

  2. Robert Putnam

    I like to write batch files with Robocopy or XXcopy. Easy to enter into Task Scheduler.

  3. Zendukai

    Noice video Brian, one thing, does the external back-up drive have to have the same drive letter, I've made the mistake in the past of having a second USB in the puter, which gave the backup drive a new drive letter, sync back pro chucked a hissy fit and demanded the drive letter it wanted to be happy.

  4. Chuck Devlin

    I have not kept myself current on ransomware capabilities. I know ransomware use to attack all attached drives to encrypt your data. As a result I never keep my external hard drive attached when on the internet. Prior to attaching I would run three separate anti-malware utilities, then attach external hard drive, perform a copy/paste of user data, then later run a full backup of C drive via Acronis True Image. When finished both, detach hard drive so I can go back onto internet. This is why I have never performed mirror backups – afraid of ransomware encrypting my backup drive.
    If I am missing something, please educate me on current state of ransomware where it will not also attack other than C drives.

  5. "…To An External Drive" – I have never seen anything like it before. Very interesting and again with a lot of important key points =).

    Thank You, Britec09 =)!

  6. zx8401ztv

    Thanks Brian 😀
    Hmm is there a setting for it to check for a difference between subdirectory contents when the machine is idle?, auto check ish.
    People do forget to do backups anyway.


    can a person back up an entire C: drive as well with this software ? Sorry if this appears to be a dumb question.

  8. rlphwshr

    thanks alot for showing this program! I tried it works great for me!

  9. Fercyful

    Using that great utility here since day cero. Is great that you recommend it to all the followers. Save me many times 🙂

  10. nobody

    Beyond compare another nice tool and can be scripted

  11. Robert Williams

    Thank you so much again Brian! stupid question – does this run in the background so if I want to run a backup on folders and plug in device to backup to (after configuring already then unplugging) will the program remember settings and run sync automatically? or will I need to initiate sync?

  12. Eagle Ales

    Very interesting and perfect video, thanks Brian

  13. David G

    I'm planning on wiping my harddrive. If I mirror everything over to the flash drive and wipe the computer will I still be able to get everything back to normal?

  14. Google Friend

    Hi I want to do video editing on a external hard drive at the moment it's installed on my C drive in my PC how could I move it over will this work thank you

  15. Big Dawg

    I do not have Tools on Windows 10. I’ve tried to backup my C: with no luck. Is there a more simpler way to backup?

  16. Am I thinking right, I want to back up everything on my hard drive to a usb Flash drive. Can I just plug the drive in, right click and select back up. And it will do it, or am I better off using the software you suggest to do the same thing?

  17. kuya kel

    Sir, can i do this to my phone? will its works?

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