How to Backup with File History to Network Drives

How to Backup with File History to Network Drives

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If you own a computer, you know how important it is to backup your data on a regular basis. Windows 10 has a built in feature called File History, which lets you backup important data to a NAS Network Attached Storage Hard Drive. This can be very handy where the computer takes care of the backup process of all your data on a particular day and time of your choice. I will show you a full guide, step by step on how to set this up, make sure you watch the whole video, so you don’t miss any steps.

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  1. Britec09

    Thanks for watching, don't forget to smash the like button.

  2. Eagle Ales

    Very helpful and Detail video, learn more,thanks Brian.

  3. Mapuia Sailo

    back to 2012, 2013 this site is very useful for me till date, i think three of my youtube account subscribe this channel, but lost some of them :)when someone ask IT computer problem i refer this channel an they are not regrets…

  4. Asger Vestbjerg

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    There is a little jumpe in the video, when you make a file structure at the NAS around the timestampe 2:38

  5. SabolSlayer

    Hay Brian can you possibly do a video on how to fix Google Chromes URL Prediction not working after closing the browser? I and a few people i know has had this issue and ive tried everything i could think of and from forums aswell as uninstalling cleaning the residual files and all reinstalling. Thanks

  6. Lime

    how do you backup the whole disk?

  7. Marshall Sherman

    Help: "How to save Stable WIN OS" (8.1 because of Media Center) use to restore system.

  8. Great tutorial! As always – you are the best! One of the most important things in a life – PERSONAL/FAMILY DATA!!! KEEP IT BACKED UP!

  9. Quietsharp

    This is a year late but for me I don't have any network location, and when I tried adding one It didn't work, so I need help (If your available). I don't how to also make a network location. If you reply thank you very much.

  10. M Kay

    How to do this in windows 7?

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