How to Be Unbox Therapy! – Deepfakes

Played around with the deep learning software FakeApp to check out some face-swapping with Lew and Jon.

Jon –
Lew –

Special thanks to Pyro for helping with this video.

Fili – The Break

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  1. Dave2D

    This tech is pretty nuts but if you test it out, USE IT RESPONSIBLY!
    Thanks for watching =)

  2. Sagar Joshi

    and mean while we use b612 that offer same feature without waiting over night 🙂

  3. They used this technology to destroy my entire life and murder my children. Its done more harm then even opiates in my lifetime. It should be execution for you idiots and in fact your going to prison soon dudes,

  4. Joseph Jang

    You should try the deepfake app called Carica btw!

  5. Hamza Khan

    Chinese people don't even need this technique

  6. Rishi Bhardwaj

    I already know about Deepfakes. But this was interesting to watch, good going Lee!

  7. Danylo Kriachko

    and here we have elon musk singing земля в илюминаторе

  8. Nithin Paul

    Why does the first version look like filthy frank ????!!!!

  9. MrAnky97

    Is it just me or asian Lew looks like willidu xD

  10. Flying Jesus

    Is it just me or Lew with Dave’s face on looked kinda like Willy Doo 🧐🧐

  11. CallMeVid

    “It’s 720p”

    Me watching in 480p

    Oh no

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