How to Become a Billionaire in 5 simple steps

Learn a simple 5-step process that can help you become a billionaire. By following them, I’ve already become a millionaire.

Rather than simply aiming to become a millionaire, my ultimate goal is to become a billionaire in United States dollars (it would be cheating to use some other high inflation currencies, like the Zimbabwe dollar, where you can obtain a $100 billion note easily).

Why aim so high? In high cost cities like New York or San Francisco, one million simply doesn’t go as far as it used to.

The article on How to Become a Billionaire:

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  1. Kevin Stratvert

    Some helpful articles that will help you accelerate your networth:
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    – Invest $81K per year — with much of it sheltered from taxes:
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    Who can resist knowing u can take 64Million out your bank tommorow

  3. Daddy Mo

    who wants to become billionaire in 90s? this is for you

  4. infinity

    yes it is possible but I don't want to be 94 when I am a billionaire

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  10. Mariama Bah

    Man your video sucked how can you turn 95 before becoming a billionaire

  11. Gargee Sharma

    Great video ! You are a dreamer and you motivate people to Dream Big !

  12. John Shini

    I don’t want to make money my dad was already build a empire it’s call money worlds

  13. EcomWithCindy

    Assuming no kids, not married and not paying a mortgage. This formula works

  14. Nick Aoke

    Fastest way to become a billionaire: fly to Zimbabwe.

  15. Farhan Rasheed

    You are standing in front of a big house. Do you own this house?

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