How to Become a Developer

Learn about how to become a developer and how to be an outstanding junior developer. And here’s an update 2.5 years later from John:

Talk by John Mosesman at the freeCodeCamp OKC meetup. Thanks to John and Techlahoma for giving us permission to share.

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  1. John Mosesman

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching and leaving the comments and questions here. I've read them all, and I re-watched the talk again now 2.5 years later.

    You all left some great questions around things in the talk I didn't cover or could have explained better, so I made a video discussing all of those things in greater detail:

    – John

  2. J K

    An important ste p is to realize wether you are one of those persons that just get hired right away, regardless of you qualifications. Do you inspire confidence in others? Do they trust you?

  3. Sphiwe Luthuli

    Devs in my team: why don't you dev, you'd be a great dev
    Me: I like talking, troubleshooting & breaking your code

  4. Evan

    Websites ARE NOT dead, dude. They’re not. Why can’t people like you be careful of what you say?

  5. Evan

    Having a job in tech is pure discipline. If you’re not ready to keep learning then this field is NOT for you. Programming and designing are just two SMALL facets of thriving in this journey. Ready up. Smarten up.

  6. Thomas Nicholson

    A great presentation for a total newbie like myself, it can be overwhelming but you broke it down and gave me reassurance.
    Thanks man

  7. Waifu

    I realy wanna be a programmer I don't know anything about coding but I'm 16 but I will try to learn and work hard i realy like to stay home and stuff so this is why I realy wanna be programmar but I don't know what calculus means why is everything in life have to be so complicated

  8. LearningtoCode

    This is all really good but how do I become an independent developer instead of an employee?

  9. Jean Mesa

    I agree with most*** things in this video EXCEPT for a backend language to start with so kindly, switch out Ruby for Python (Django backend). I'm sure he himself would agree his advisory of Ruby did not age well haha.

  10. The Coder

    This was such a great lecture, my short attention span doesn't allow me to fully watch these things but his explanations and funny humour kept me engaged all the way through. I'm an aspiring developer who faces imposter syndrome every single time I do it. I watch things like these to help me in anyway possible, genuinely loved this

  11. Brown Eyed Boy

    Back for a second comment after finishing the talk, and just wanted to say thank you to John. Great talk!

  12. wazorie

    Thanks for this video, it really gives motivation especially on fighting imposter syndrome (illustration) due to some countries (like mine) have double standards on becoming developer. I am too a CS and former General IT (sysadmin) but decided to focus more on dev (.net/unity) or dbms (sql). It's really frustrating but this vid enlightens me. Thankfully, I didn't continue learning Php. 😂👍

  13. Isxaaq Academy

    Determination, yess determination!
    I was determined to code for atleast 5 years but I lacked the path and I got it now. Many thanks John!

  14. elizabeth mark

    ,,,, I need an expert trader that I can invest with in crypto company with a winning system . I really feel left aside hearing and seeing several testimonies from people on profits they make from Cryptocurrency,Bitcoin, and Binance investment.

  15. Allmoneyin

    finally!!! English!!! actually understandable English a.k.a non-asian smh!!!

  16. arthur kateeba

    Just watched the video right… hehehe.. Thanks for the talk, I have learned something(s) after watching this video

  17. 29lpk

    Erm ruby is dying only banks use them, and as soon as they switch ppl who only use ruby would be fked heavy

  18. Eric Hepperle

    This was an amazing talk that I believe is going to help me in my programming career. Thanks for the insight!

  19. Vinnie J

    Why do Americans call symposiums talks?

  20. matthew smith

    Changing things inside make sure you have a secondary data inquiry with writing it down in notebooks big bro

  21. Lord Nem3sis

    The evil AI that programs itself….

    " They took our jobs!!!! "

  22. Robert Spiller

    I want to learn blender but I'm looking for a laptop that I can buy at a good price. To your knowledge, do you know of any laptops that can animate and render blender for about $550, to $650? And will I need a webcam or camera to do video's as well?

  23. Damiboy97

    love this lecture so much and i am very motivated.

  24. Ky Atonic

    Well to me codeing is it’s own art from video games would not exist without code and video games are also art. Meaning programming itself is art. It’s like writing

  25. This was wholesome thanks for this lesson, I don't know if this can get a reply. I wanna be a full stack developer,
    I think its inconsistency?? First I started learning HTML seeing how my whole idea revolves around it and courses I search online always come up with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I have no formal knowledge or what course to take or study, what language to use, applications to use.
    System requirements. A lot of things am still not sure of, paid for some Udemy courses and still having doubts… after learning HTML for a month, I felt like it wasn't necessary, So I was wondering, if I wanna be a full stack developer, what languages are required??

  26. thanks for the video, so i can become a developer of fnaf fan games in new zealand

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