How to Build Flappy Bird in JavaScript – GameDev Tutorial

Learn how to create a flappy bird game using pure JavaScript.

Download the Starter Template:

Download the final Game files:

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  1. Deepak Sharma

    Great tutorial ! Where can I learn more javascript games?

  2. In my case images were not showing up. So, I added images in html and hide them using style then imported images in JS file using getelementbyid instead using image object as used in video example.

    HTML File:
    <img class="hide" src="images/bg.png" id="bg"/>
    JS File:
    var bg = document.getElementById('bg');
    cntx.drawImage(bg, 0, 0);

  3. Adam

    Are you the king of Javascript?

  4. Mista T

    The logic explaining part is what makes this tutorial one level above all other tutorials I've ever seen!

  5. RagHelen

    There is only one bug: That bird doesn't flap!

  6. atanki

    the starter template link is broken please help…. I really need to follow along with this tutorial cuz this is one of the best tutorials and you seem good so please if you can by any means make a media fire link……. pleasee!!!

  7. EvaOA

    hello, is this a mobile app?

  8. anil gr

    How do you ensure that the images are loaded, before you draw.

    In my system images are taking time to load. So nothing is drawn.(before requestAnimationFrame added)

  9. Anonymous

    how do u even put a bird image in a coding script

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  11. Şeymanur GÜNEY

    I cannot open starter template and final game files what is wrong with that…

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