How To Buy The “Best” Laptop!

Some tips on buying a notebook when you’re on a tight budget.

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  1. Nick Niva

    I have a budget of only $12000(US), can you believe my cheap parents, nut anyway what should I get.

  2. Jony Ghosh

    hello ,,,
    i am a student of AI..
    will the "macbook air" good for programming ??


    What’s your pick for the best laptop with a gtx 1060 laptop, is vr ready and also is under 1300 dollars? Would be really helpful.

  4. Raheel Siddiqui

    I got this in my recommendation after 3 long years, but I would like to see a refreshed version of this video in 2018

  5. Rahul

    Please make a 2018 edition

  6. Carlton Millet

    Do you draw the pictures and if you do contact me by reply to this comment if you interested in this job we will talk about pay later

  7. Brian

    Old old video… worthless!

  8. Almoataz Mohamed

    Can you update this for 2018?

    Even though it’s the end of the year.

  9. Zaid Usman

    Does external ssd have the samd speed boost as an internal one

  10. Thorn Sophean

    Hello! Is dell g3 best for android applications development?

  11. I use the PC for games, illustrate and edit, and for architect programs. So….an expensive PC its the choice. xD

  12. Legitti

    Seems like I'm in "not so many people" class 🤣

  13. Tabish Rehman

    Can you make another updated version of this video for 2019 PLEASE !

  14. Anthony Chin

    Hey Dave. Need some advice. my go gaming is mainly Dota 2 & Overwatch. Would a Surface Pro 6 be sufficient? or if there is a laptop you would recommend that is no overkill. Thank you in advance.

  15. Hunain Kabeer

    I wanna purchase a gaming and editing laptop which is better dell g3 or a Lenovo legion y530

  16. Henning XXX

    Would you consider making an updated version of this video, I really liked the style and found it really informative but as the market changed a ton since I don't know how true it still is?

  17. woodstock

    or if you are like me just buy whatever new laptop you want every 6 months or so…. probably need to put more money in my 401k lol

  18. Khaoula H

    I am a college student, I only need a laptop for presentations, browsing the web and watching videos, should I buy windows surface go? Help please

  19. Mihaila Marcel

    Can you tell more about barebone gaming laptops ,its very comfortable to buy one, you buy gradualy all detalis..its like buyng one on credit..for me its ideal i cant aford an thousand euro notebook payng at once….an good good looking ,powerful notebook with 144 hz..i could make with time..thnx

  20. SaneGhoul

    Updated version? The differences between Intel and AMD, the Nvidia GPUs available and whether or not to bother with Ray Tracing, along with updated numbers.

  21. NOOR 1234

    هل يوجد عربي مر من هنا يضغط لايك

  22. zaitun othman

    hey im a student learning computer programming and i play a bunch of games what laptop do you think i should get with a budget of 900usd

  23. Tantei Gema

    I think this video still holds true today even for pc building just the numbers went up but the principles are same just with new parts.

    Normal User – 4gb ram is still useable but 8gb is recommended. SSD seems to be a must nowadays.

    Video Editor – 16gb is also good but upgrading 32GB should be help you future proof. SSD is a must now.

    Gamer – 8gb still holds somewhat but 16gb is the new norm. Although with next gen consoles having more powerful CPU and an SSD as a default that could change in this in the near future.

  24. Tuneese

    jesus 2 or 4gb ram nowadays is crippling😱

  25. Tuneese

    use coupons aswell. so many laptop brands like lenovo and asus have them you just have to find them. Honey doesnt have alot of them so search online urself.

  26. Phạm Gia Minh

    Me: I want to buy a new notebook, mom.
    Mom: I have a lot of paper notebooks, let me give you one.

  27. Iriditium

    '2 cores is fine'
    Also me: Oh, its in 2015

  28. Ravi Peiris

    Although several years old, the topic is still relevant.

  29. Tantei Gema

    Watched this again still a good guide even for PC building.

    Just update the ram:

    Normal User: 4 to 8 gb ram
    Video Editor: 16 to 32 gb ram
    Gamer: 8 to 16 GB ram and and small size SSD for OS is a must nowadays.

  30. Rocky Meadows

    "Anything from 2 to 4 gigs is sufficient"

    If only I were rich instead of beautiful….XD

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