How to change the back cover on the Nexus 6 and Moto X

A tutorial on how to replace or change the color of the backplate on the Nexus 6 or the 2014 Moto X.

Search for “nexus 6 back cover” or “moto x back cover” on ebay for the covers. They are usually factory OEM covers and work perfectly.

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Total Noob Sauce

    Liked ! Great vid. I ordered a Cloud White back to put on my Blue Nexus 6 and the white with blue trim looks pretty cool !

  2. Alex R

    Does this work for a bamboo version of moto x i want to make it plastic

  3. Dreezey Dreeze

    Thanks bro very helpful and you're funny too… Lol @ save the crumbs for later 😂

  4. moniqueglv1

    That's crazy they made it that way! Its doesn't seem difficult but it would happen that I would mess up something. I will have to talk to my carrier about that. I will let them do it for me.

  5. Dr. Naveen BP

    Thanks for the tutorial!!! Please let me know how to put the memory card in MOTO X-Play.

  6. Tom H-Mann

    hey. strange question but could you put a link to a few pictures of the nexus 6 with a white back and blue trim I'm trying to work out weather I want to do that or not. cheers

  7. Ben Bigg

    Can you see if this would work for the pure edition moto x?

  8. Jeroen

    'the adhesive is pretty strong'. i guess not strong enough to hold the back cover on completely, since mine is coming off… same is happening for het letter X now

  9. Xaiux

    IF I want to replace the screen, do I need a new back cover or will the old one be sticky enough to just put back on?

  10. HappySet

    Well looks like I'm going to have to learn to replace the screen myself I've called different places nope they won't do Nexus 6

  11. Gennaro Esposito

    I've done this….Dave, thanks for help!!! and thanks for idea to change the white with a blue one…

  12. B3MMi

    I removed my Dbrand vinyl skin from my Nexus 6 and my back cover almost came off too. It's not stuck and seems to be a bit out of the back of the phone. I'm not sure what to do. So its not attaching properly. I don't want to take it off completely please someone help me!

  13. uhtyp - Jamz

    does it matter if I apply the adhesive sticky tape on the back cover then put it on the frame or can I apply on the on back frame first, then apply cover or it doesn't really matter which direction I go first?

    I'm just trying to make sure that i do it as good as possible because I don't want to get any lift action further down the line.

  14. Barbara T

    Thank you so much! This the most helpful video on how to open the back cover. I was getting so frustrated cause most videos say to heat it up first and I wasn't getting anywhere with my blow dryer! I guess most users aren't aware of that tiny hole! Awesome!

  15. Just changed my back. Thanks for the video. Question… My corner and sides are not staying down. Was you back curved before putting it on? Mine was flat and I have been pushing on it and trying to seal it since last night. Any ideas to fix this?

  16. Iikka Konola

    dude, you just probably saved me a bunch of time with this video. i was following(starting) the ifixit guide and some1 mentioned this. thanks!

  17. Daniel

    on my Nexus 6 the back has gotten a little loose and will putting a new cover fix it or do I need to apply some adhesive, if so please link me the adhesive


    my back cover is coming loose. I just wanna know the best method for resealing it. a gap is starting to form on each side. not flush anymore.

  19. Jason Torres

    I have a question for you, do you think that nexus 6 and pure x backcovers are compatible?

  20. Phil

    Thank you! Need to replace a componant inside my nexus and was having trouble getting the back off, that trick with the SIM card hole really helped

  21. Browningate

    Does the blue frame clash with the white rear cover though?

  22. LS3 Stngklr

    To think certain retailers were charging $40 more for the "white" one. lol What a joke.

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