How to Completely Remove Linux from Dual Boot Windows 10

How to Completely Remove Linux from Dual Boot Windows 10

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So you have a dual boot with Linux and you now what to remove Linux from that dual boot setup? well its pretty easy to do and I will show you step by step, make sure you watch the whole video so you don’t miss any steps.

To Uninstall a Linux Dual-Boot System From Your Computer you will need Minitool partition wizard.

Download Minitool partition wizard

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  1. Sovereign Man

    I'd rather see ' How to remove windows10 from Linux dual boot "

  2. Rob

    What if my disk says GPT instead of MBR

  3. corduroy99

    this fucked up my laptop. the softwre he says DOES NOT HAVE A REBUILD MBR !!!! beware I think only the paid version does.

  4. Mikey Potts

    You cover nearly everything man, I love it! Thanks a ton,


    Im tryed but windows not load after this method but not showing grub error

  6. John Hay

    easy / quick step by step walk through – worked first time for me – thanks VM

  7. Andy

    If you have GPT don't expect any help from this n0bhead.

  8. Lloyd Chappell

    OMG, many thanks, I was really in the dark on this one. Now I see the LIght!!!

  9. Lloyd Chappell

    Britec, Minitool has a new version. They changed a number of things. Now you have to do a new video. It is confusing.

  10. I'm getting
    "Minitool partition wizard cannot convert this GPT disk to MBR disk.(too many primary partitions)
    What to do now🙁😞

  11. Jacks Crafts

    I just skipped the part that says convert GPT to MBR, and restarted my PC and all was fine. Thanks Brian.

  12. Rishabh Jain

    Thanx a lot man! You made my day. It's so difficult to remove laptop from dual boot you made it very easy

  13. David B

    Will this work if your Bios is a UEFI vs legacy?

  14. Rakesh Prajapat

    Thanks a lot. I watched many videos and tried but your video helped only.🇮🇳

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