You are currently viewing How to Completely Remove Linux from Dual Boot Windows 10

How to Completely Remove Linux from Dual Boot Windows 10

How to Completely Remove Linux from Dual Boot Windows 10

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So you have a dual boot with Linux and you now what to remove Linux from that dual boot setup? well its pretty easy to do and I will show you step by step, make sure you watch the whole video so you don’t miss any steps.

To Uninstall a Linux Dual-Boot System From Your Computer you will need Minitool partition wizard.

Download Minitool partition wizard

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  1. Sovereign Man

    I'd rather see ' How to remove windows10 from Linux dual boot "

  2. Rob

    What if my disk says GPT instead of MBR

  3. corduroy99

    this fucked up my laptop. the softwre he says DOES NOT HAVE A REBUILD MBR !!!! beware I think only the paid version does.

  4. Mikey Potts

    You cover nearly everything man, I love it! Thanks a ton,


    Im tryed but windows not load after this method but not showing grub error

  6. John Hay

    easy / quick step by step walk through – worked first time for me – thanks VM

  7. Andy

    If you have GPT don't expect any help from this n0bhead.

  8. Lloyd Chappell

    OMG, many thanks, I was really in the dark on this one. Now I see the LIght!!!

  9. Lloyd Chappell

    Britec, Minitool has a new version. They changed a number of things. Now you have to do a new video. It is confusing.

  10. I'm getting
    "Minitool partition wizard cannot convert this GPT disk to MBR disk.(too many primary partitions)
    What to do now🙁😞

  11. Jacks Crafts

    I just skipped the part that says convert GPT to MBR, and restarted my PC and all was fine. Thanks Brian.

  12. Rishabh Jain

    Thanx a lot man! You made my day. It's so difficult to remove laptop from dual boot you made it very easy

  13. David B

    Will this work if your Bios is a UEFI vs legacy?

  14. Rakesh Prajapat

    Thanks a lot. I watched many videos and tried but your video helped only.🇮🇳

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