How to Connect Sony WH-CH520 Headphones to MacBook & iMac using Bluetooth

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here’s a pair of Sony headphones model number wh- c520 I’m going to show you how to Parent Connect these directly to a Macbook or iMac via Bluetooth first thing is go to your Bluetooth settings you can just click on the Apple logo top left hand side and we’re going to go down to system settings right there and then from here you want to go to top on Bluetooth right here and now if I scroll down under nearby under nearby devices you can see this little spinny thing here it’s searching for devices that are in pairing mode near me okay so now we got to put these in pairing mode so if we look at these headphones on one of the ear cups you have three buttons here all right you have like a volume up power/ blooth volume down all we’re going to do is use the power button okay and to put this once we put this in pairing mode we’ll noce pairing mode when it’s blinking down here blue blue blue blue blue blue okay so we’ll do together power button here press and hold Ready set go press and hold keep holding until we see blue blue still holding still holding here oh blue blue blue blue there blue blue there it is okay so now we’re going to come back on here and voila it found it the wh CH 520 right down here so I’m going to go ahead down here and then make sure you click on connect and then once we connected you can see it says connected right there I have 100% uh battery juice on here so there we go we’re connected and ready to go now if you had issues where you couldn’t pair or you had trouble connecting you can always reset these as well if you need to do that look in the link below in the description all right

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