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How to Create A Custom Windows 10 Image

How to Create A Custom Windows 10 Image

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If you want to create a customized image of windows 10 or remove all the bloatware from windows 10 with MSMG Toolkit, then this video is for you.

MSMG ToolKit creates a slimmed down, or bloatware free Windows by customizing, adding or removing features and components as well as enabling or disabling features to Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Download Winreducer

Download 7zip

Download Windows 10

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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. J&T

    There did you download this desktop wallpaper ! ?

  2. Abdul Kuddus

    could u plz tell me, how can i change operating system name, like "windows 10 Pro" to "windows 10 New" from "select the operating system you want to install" of any iso file??

  3. It's Omega Tech!

    Bro, but after I exported my ISO with WinReducer and booted it up in my PC, it just shows the Windows logo, then my selected custom background for a second and then reboots to continue the loop. Please help!

  4. Anish Thakkar

    Good job friend, I have one question we would like to add some programs like Adobe reader , vlc media player , Google Chrome ???

  5. Monte Westlund

    this is cool, but MSMG Toolkit v11.4 (current) is way different is some places and it's hard to make this vid match the newer version.

  6. Sarathy Max

    How to add a software in iso image like vlc media player ms office like

  7. Nkanyiso nkaman

    Is this video gonna help if I want to create a windows 10 ISO image that's includes my standard softwares, to avoid installing the same OS and softwares on each computer. From the list of computers I have to work on?

  8. NoT_ Human0_0

    Can I change resolution from landscape to portrait during installation

  9. Tarun Gajra

    how to add Office & other require software in WIN 10 iso

  10. sir can you please update the video and release one new video for 2021 because windows 11 has been released making win 10 obselete but my cpu cant run win 10 and unfortunately i have to reinstall a light version of custom windows 10

  11. Gamingking1444

    Alright I want to install windows 11 but there is no way to install windows 11 on unsupported device so I can't upgrade but I can fresh install but I lose my apps and Ms store apps can I move apps to install.wim please help brian including registery keys too but I think that is not going to work

  12. John Tran

    when create a custome Windows 10 this image. Can I use it to install on a computer with a different hardware configuration?

  13. Alisisdieou

    In the latest version of windows(win 10 21H2 it's already install.wim file

  14. pro

    I wanna make windows 9

  15. Mohamad sayadi

    tnx sir . can we put our notebooks drivers into the iso file to install them automatickly ?

  16. YouTube EU

    bro video is good.but you not talking how to add app ??? how to add Cclener or iobit uninstaler or Potato voice meter,end after instalation this is in pc end i can use it normal…how to make this,you talking abaut delete or remowing,you not talking how to add aplications in

  17. SHADI

    hi bro how can i change the picture here 12:33 pleas help

  18. blog master

    his program is capable to integrate updates, drivers, and automate Windows and application setups. Additionally, the full cracked NtLite speeds up the Windows deployment process for faster performance. ……NTLite 2022 Crack Full Version Torrent [32/64-Bit] Full Download

  19. zaf slm

    Welcome best work and best video about custom windows 10 image

  20. ERL ERL

    Hi, I used your training a lot, it was great. But I had a question, can the software be installed in the Windows iso file so that when we install Windows, that software is also installed automatically? Thank you for your reply. Please send me the source code or PowerShell code. Thanks again …

  21. Tarun Gupta

    I want to create a customise windows image. It should work in the following way.
    Like we have to install all the programs we want at once while installing the Windows. For this I need to create a folder in the directory where all the windows installation files are present, eg. Create a Directory "Custom Apps" and put all the application installers in it, so that the windows installation image can install all the applications automatically along with the New Windows Installation.

    Could you please help me with this??
    If the situation is unclear then could you please provide me your email so that I can explain better with Images.

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