How To Customize the Clock in Your Mac Menu Bar Your Mac shows the date and time at the top right. You can customize this to only show the time and whether to include things like AM/PM, seconds, and the day of the week. This is more than just a display as it acts as a button for Notifications Center and Do No Disturb.

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00:00 Intro
00:38 The Clock Is a Button
00:59 Why Is the Clock Sometimes Gray?
01:30 Where Are the Clock Controls?
02:20 Menu Bar Clock Options
03:26 Minimize Into an Analog Clock
04:06 Language and Region Settings

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  1. Cigarpoet

    Gary can you answer or figure this out: Why did they remove the AIRPLAY icon on left top of Apple Music. Only way to control it now is to go to the 'COMPUTER" icon on Apple TV to adjust, add, or delete airplay speakers such as Bose, HomePod, MiniPods etc == Thanks for your channel very helpful with hints and releases and future plans of Apple and other software situations and uses – Don

  2. Petri Lopia

    Any idea how I could get clock (especially the month) with my own language even if everything else on my OS is in english?

  3. knightone57

    So basically the same as before just in a different spot.

  4. Anil Atluri

    Hi Gary, thanks. How does one go about setting to display different time zones / Say for example Phoenix, Paris and or Auckland?

  5. hjorte

    I wish I could configure my clock to use colon as a separator, but I can't – it uses a period (.) and I can't change it. It looks like this:
    Sat 14 Jan 00.12
    My region is Denmark. I guess the localization files for my region are buggy. Ventura 13.1

  6. Caroline Barlow

    Thanks very much, Gary, for showing there's always a whole lot more than first meets the eye with Mac OS options!

  7. JunR34

    Wish they let us get access to the control center with keyboard and move around and toggle things on/off straight from the keyboard because there's not. I mean you could open control center by globe + c but can't move focus around inside. And next thing is with third party keyboards you can't change the globe key to fn so for me I can't access it at all. Only by mouse.

  8. Jav Jav

    Very helpful. All review for me but still educational to watch your videos. We all appreciate the time/effort you put into creating chapters as well 👏🏽

  9. Hot Rod

    I am only a recent new user of a Mac from window pc, I find these videos very useful has saved me heaps of time by self tuition thank you Mac Most Videos

  10. David Lintner

    Useful. Good to know where to find the display options in Ventura. I always learn something new when I watch these videos, even though I thought I was familiar with the topic.

  11. qwincy q

    I wish there was a way to show the full date, perhaps by holding down a modifier key or something

  12. Cat Napper

    Helpful! I’ve never really explored all those things up there.

    True story: I once converted my iPhone to Greek. I was in a spot, then, because I couldn’t read the menus as to how to change it back. Ugh. You would probably have known just what to do, but I wasn’t that smart.

  13. Lois Skiathitis

    Very useful and informative video tutorial today! Thank you! 👏❤️

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