You are currently viewing How To Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows (Improve Your Aim!) [Simple Guide]

How To Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows (Improve Your Aim!) [Simple Guide]

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Want to learn how to get better aim in FPS games? Then you should disable mouse acceleration in Windows!

You’re probably wondering why you should do that, but don’t worry, we’ll tell you all you need to know in this simple guide.

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0:00 Intro
0:41 What’s Mouse Acceleration?
1:34 The Disadvantages
2:42 How to Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10
3:38 Outro


This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. IshFunTime

    Woah I love how you made it so that it's easier to skip to the part of how to disable mouse acceleration

  2. Spitgo

    oh my god the second i turned mouse accel off i felt the difference

  3. Tony Song

    My pc is bugged or something, turning off pointer precision enables mouse acceleration and turning it on disables it.

  4. Abhay Debnath

    after playing 3 years with it on….why anybody never told me this before?

  5. Verge

    One day my potato gaming pc started having aim issues so i listened to this advice but it made it even worse HOW

  6. katie

    Turns out I have had it on this whole time I hate this

  7. Spitgo

    when i redownloaded windows it was automatically off but all the other settings were messed up CAN someone explain?

  8. m

    your videos are just awesome: clear , concise and not dull

  9. AZAvixtion

    thank you. it took awhile to get to disabling the acceleration but. i got there. and thanks again.

  10. Aridoesathing_

    I paid for the whole damn mouse pad and I’ll use the whole damn mouse pad.

  11. Nullset.

    now i cant hit anything on my screen ahhhh

  12. Km8ePlayz

    that is not working im on windows 10 i dont know what to do now
    help me

  13. Tim Geurts

    wtf is this BS why is there a lady talking like its the news just stop it stop stop stop

  14. FarroxFX

    I've had this on for like 4 years….

  15. SL BRO - FITS

    I thought mouse acceleration is for Driving in video games sooo I Disable it

  16. GamingBroski

    So I use a laptop and I can’t find my mouse in the panel? (I use a USB drive to connect my mouse to my laptop)

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