How to Disable USB Devices On A Computer

How to Disable USB Devices On A Computer

There may be times where you need to disable USB ports n a computer to stop people copying data or infecting that computer. So today I will show you how you can disable USB ports on a computer.


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  1. tarnaka504

    hi sir…plz tell how to disable "prove you are not robot" page in google search in internet explorer(i dont use chrome)in winfows 8.1…
    thousands of advance thanks.

  2. Abhishek Roy

    Thanks Brian 😇 Fantastic topic . Very helpful .

    I often come across this challenge from many government officials . And in absence of my software arsenal , I do follow this method . Home or office — most of the infections spread in India via USB autorun .

  3. Stef

    Nice video. 'A Britec Video A Day, Keeps The Tech Guy Away'.

  4. Carol Marie

    How do you get a device, like a scanner, that is plugged into your USB port disabled similarly to a flash drive so you can unplug it? I do not like to just 'unplug it' and I do not think I should have to shut my tower down just to disconnect the device… Even the 'scanning' program has been closed and the computer claims that the device is still being used, which it is NOT to my knowledge… even though the power light is still 'on' the device. It does NOT use a power cord, just the USB attachment. I have no difficulties removing my external hard drive, but it does have a separate power cord.

  5. M A

    Thanks. Always interesting ***


    Wonder if there's a way to disable the Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad on a laptop…
    that can not be disabled in device manager ?

  7. Sam Biscits

    There is a much easier way to do this, but it does require about five or six years studying karate, if someone tries to plug in a USB device you give them a karate chop. Depending upon your reaction time it could only take less than a second to disable their ability to plug a USB device in.

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