You are currently viewing How to Disable Windows Update on Windows 10 Permanently

How to Disable Windows Update on Windows 10 Permanently

How to Disable Windows Update on Windows 10 Permanently

Windows Updates are essential to keeping your computer running smoothly, but some people don’t want to be forced in doing a windows update.

Windows updates are designed to fix patches and bugs on the computer and add new features, but some people feel like they are being used to fix the bugs in the latest version of windows 10 updates.

These are the steps you need to take to permanently disable windows 10 updates.

Before you start make a backup of your data and create a system restore point.

This video is only for people who have no intention of updating there version of windows and want to block or disable windows updates permanently, you do this at your own risk.

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  1. alex delarge

    this video is clickbait. it doesnt work. it eventyually will activate and update again (the windows update) besides the most important services cant be deactivated, even if ur administrator. i hate to see so many idiots telling lies about what can bed done or not. another click bait video

  2. Andrew Abbott

    Do you understand how fucking terrible of a company you have to be for a MILLION people to search up ways to stop you from “improving” their devices just over the course of 3 years since this video got released? This Asus laptop will be the last Microsoft product I ever buy. Apple will get my business. This is fucking ridiculous.

  3. David Ujcic

    Windows 7 is the solution. It was a time when our governments gave a damn about its people it's supposed to serve. It forced Microsoft to abide by the law and stopped the rot. Now the governments allow scamming spamming whamming and jamming and oh so much annoying.

  4. Bruv Kek

    I will never pay a cent for a product by this company

  5. DJJA Christian

    Always liked and subscribed. Your tutorials are the most comprehensive and concise. Thank you very much.

  6. OctagonMods

    Its Annoying when windows 10 has to update automatically. It Takes a long time just for a very small update. Just like roblox. Roblox Updates and nothing has been changed.

  7. daryll pacana

    thank you for this very helpful tricks. Glad to visit this channel

  8. Comosedice

    Man, I honestly cannot thank you enough for this. If there is ever anything I can do to repay you, let me know.

  9. Gamma kcl

    Every now and then i come back to this video, and always end up with a nice feeling of success !. Thanks again !

  10. AJ W

    There is no way to disable windows updates permanently.

  11. OIdiesCentral

    The problem with update is that,knowing,HOW EVIL BILL GATES IS,i don't believe for a second,that it's an update but a download of all of our activities on our computers.i'm surprised gates,even designed 10 with an update disable feature.

  12. Clark Kent

    Great video!!! good work mate!!! Many thanks!!!

  13. Lethal Lines

    Lol just got here bc the new Windows 11 came and almost ruined everything I loved LMFAO. Thank you for saving my sanity

  14. Inzimam 英姿

    my pc is 64 bit , so in key do i need to select 64bit? i saw you selected 32bits
    please let know

  15. Kei Clera

    Thank you! I hate these updates, they always brick my computer and I have to revert it to the old version, messing with my schedule

  16. Fill Freire

    I would PAY MONEY for Someone Who is competent enough to truly Counter act against the digital protocol of windows Forcing the Actual Downloads of windows software update information, which like a virus, incessantly imposes itself into your operative system and Bypasses any registry customisations of autoupdates.

  17. That Guy

    Effin Windows 10. I can do all this, it still updates. I can manually cancel the services, they just come back. I can manually delete the executable files needed to update, and yet it still updates. I'm really waiting for 2025 so microsoft will stop messing with me. Maybe I just need to go back to windows 7 until then. Still, that's a pain in the a**.

  18. ConspirHerSee

    Yeah, cuz FUCK Microsoft and their forced updates that are shit and fix one thing while breaking something else. I've lost literal days trying to reverse the damage they've done to my PC with BSOD crashes, application blur, search file explorer bug and countless other.

  19. stone

    Fucking windows update fucked up my pc for 3 hours before i fixed it, thanks

  20. Janah

    In local group police editor i just had 3 choices , while u have like 50

  21. Mrs Silver

    Thanks 👍 😊
    That really helped me I saved my computer from these updates it destroys my pc the updates are worse even making your pc slow

  22. cindy Cindy

    Hi, I encounter a problem after follow the step to disable download permanently. Now, when I go to gpedit.msc , error message appear and I couldn't found the windows update from the window component. So, I'm thinking to reverse the disable setting but it's still the same. Could you please advice. Thanks!

  23. Sales McSaleson

    This doesn't work. Windows finds a way to enable all of this again within days.

  24. Erik L

    Thank you much. Quite comprehensive and well explained, good work. I tried to cancel Win10 updates before unsuccessfully, hope this works. Because MS sucks big time, and Win10 updates suck, each update destroying completely my computer, and taking me days (!) to restore back (if I even can), not to mention one time even wiping out all (and I mean all, including my files). So I have files backups and each update I restore back to a previous date (or to original date, meaning a complete reset), what a pain in the rear. And if I can I am about to cancel Win10 updates forever, I mean FOREVER, permanently! What a pain of a lousy company.

  25. Stallnig

    I assume this no longer works with update medic.
    did it even work on home edition since there is no gpedit?

  26. Clark Cowell

    Is the reason for clicking DWORD 32bit value instead of 64bit value .because your machine is 32bit?

  27. Practical

    Updates that just ruin your computers performance. And Microsoft does nothing to monetarily compensate you for that.

  28. Mrflippyfloop

    Do I have to undo all these steps in order to update windows ?

  29. Any of you having problems with the "windows update medic service" can use a program called "Windows Update Blocker" or Wub for short it will bypass the access denied bs that happens when you try to stop the service.

  30. Adam

    And still update. This is not the right solution!

  31. Revan Gaming

    It's not the fact that we have to do this, it's how hard and how deep you'd have to go to actually permanently disable it. Windows needs to stop being egotistical and admit their updates are absolute, useless, horrible garbage that nobody wants.

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