How To Download and Install Litematica | Minecraft 1.19 Tutorial

Litematica is a super helpful Minecraft mod that allows you to import 3D blueprints into the game to help with building! In this tutorial I teach you how to download and install Litematica in Minecraft 1.19.2.

Download links:
Fabric Loader:

How To Use Litematica:

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  1. Deofaa

    Hey so when i download Litematica and etc the download just is just like a blank normal white file how to fix that?

  2. Sussyfoot1234


  3. Mimi

    Is there any version like this for bedrock edition???

  4. FOV_Jack

    Just my app data thing only shows one thing also know as roam and I can’t find the Minecraft things actually I can’t find anything in there any help

  5. Loloooo

    TYSMMM so simple and easy to understand! c:

  6. Pondah

    bro you legit helped me build my gold farm and helped me with this real goat youtuber on god

  7. zboyz0913

    This tutorial is really good and works definitely earned my sub keep up the great work!!

  8. Tvrax

    Bro how do you not have more subs and views I don’t get it, you’re amazing

  9. Moris Back

    hi I need some help when i go to the minecraft folder i dont have a mod folder

  10. i have a problem for me when i install its not java picture on mallib and litematica just normal like folder

  11. Daniel Hansen

    So quick question from a noob. If i have a 1.16 world and id like to transfer a big farm i have there to 1.19.
    Can i then down litematica for 1.16 and make the scheme, and then download litematica for 1.19
    And have the scheme that was saved in 1.16 in the 1.19 version?

  12. Groundhigh

    Ur the best teacher😂😂😂😂 The breakdown channel did not work but you showed me how to do it🎉🎉🎉

  13. Maillaun

    i use 1.8.9 ive started playing 1.19.2 now im trying mods for it 1.19 and it crashes

  14. CheezyCow

    Keep it up man you're gonna get big. seriously cant belive you dont have more viewers

  15. ZERØ

    Hello How Do I Fix If It crashes when i try to load into 1 of my worlds and there are no control settings
    for litematica

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