How to Download Clip Studio Paint 1.13.0 (for free!)

Step by step how to download from Clip Studio website and install it properly. Also include additional tutorial like locating Clip Studio folder for troubleshoot, opening ZIP file, and how to uninstall o.o Also a bonus speedpaint at the end featuring Kobeni from Chainsaw man!

Written tutorial with more guide here on Google Documents so you don’t waste time watching video (how to install and troubleshoot FAQ) :

Clip Studio official website to download the installer:

How to make Clip Studio account to download brush:

00:00 Intro with random unfinished animation
00:16 How to download and install Clip Studio Paint latest version
02:13 Bonus 1 How to find Clip Studio folder
02:56 Bonus 2 How to open a Google Drive link
03:26 Bonus 3 How to open a ZIP file
04:08 Bonus 4 How to uninstall Clip Studio if you hate new subscription
04:48 Bonus 5 How to open Clip Studio Paint
05:41 Bonus 6 How to draw in CSP but it’s not a tutorial
09:02 Finished drawing of Kobeni

HARVESTELLA: Castle of Illusion
Voice of Card The Isle Dragon Roar : Pursuing the Dragon ~ Voice of Journeys Beginning
Kingdom Hearts 3: Vectors to the Heaven

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*Clip Studio is free to download but still require license to use after trial ends
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  1. janny

    was deleting it part of the steps? i think i just wasted all of my progress

  2. Kai

    Maybe I missed it but why wouldnt I need a key with how you did it? Didnt you just "normally" download and install?
    Thank you for the tutorial

  3. tiny swablu

    I installed this but it says "Error" when I open it :/
    The older version crack used to work but not this one. Help?

  4. josegfgfg34

    Thank you very much it helped me a lot (I speak Spanish I did it with the translator xd)

  5. jorge eduardo

    One question, after i crack it and pass 30 days i need crack again or is not longer need it do that?

  6. stricknit

    installed the file from the zip, not working.

  7. PinkJelly

    Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you just helped me
    i'm not american, so while csp isn't an expensive program somewhere where people use dollars as currency, where i live it would be EXTREMELY expensive… like paying 300 dollars for a drawing program
    i spent the whole of last night panicking trying to find a free version and none worked, until i found your video :') thank you so so much <3

  8. S Wisdom

    urgent question! do I need to uninstall my current crack for this to work? I'm on 1.11.14 and I have so many materials :((

  9. dn

    does this also work on chrome os/chromebooks?

  10. Eligijus

    idk its not working for me, when im trying to launch clip studio paint pops up a window is saying error…. ;-; i did everything correct

  11. Not In use

    Hello, thanks for the tutorial! It did work perfectly at first but because of an art block I didn't use it for a few days, Now it seems I can't open the program so restarted again and followed your tutorial but now I can't open Paint? It says Error so I'm kinda confused about what to do.

  12. : D

    omg i a TRULY thankfull.. really… my parents can't afford it for me and you saved me… i tried other programs but cps was my fav AND YOU GIVED ME THIS AMAZING TUTORIAL!! you're an angel thank you thank you and THANK YOU!! give u a lotta of love (from italy ^^) and stay safe! (new subscriber)!!

  13. Jay

    When I try to download clip studio paint it just stops at like 1% and when I try to exit it just loads for ever and the only way to get it off the screen is to end task, does anyone know how I can fix this?

  14. User

    guys does anyone know how to create a desktop shortcut for clip studio paint x?
    did i miss it somewhere in the video? please and thank you <3

  15. Eden Wayne

    Hello hope you see this, after uninstalling, should I install it again, it's not showing up with the clip studio shortcut like yours is

  16. lnixx_XD

    Holy shit, it worked… Thank you so fucking much.

  17. Vello07

    Can I also use this for my tablet?

  18. Maya Seftyana

    did you disable windows defender & ur internet when cracking it?

  19. Chris


  20. Crownimator

    how do I download the crack?
    you didnt give a link

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