How to Download Gorilla Tag MODS WITHOUT a PC!

Hey Guys! In this video, I teach you guys how to download gorilla tag mods WITHOUT or with A PC!

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0:00 – Intro
1:38 – Requirements
2:06 – Step 1
3:27 – Step 2
3:45 – Step 3
3:59 – Step 4
4:35 – Outro
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  1. PMA PRO


    Just to clear some things up, yes this tutorial can be followed with just a Quest only. You can download things from Discord onto your quest if you log onto Discord from your quest browser. Also with the mods installed, you will be banned for a very long time, but this is just to prevent people from going onto multiplayer servers. If you reinstall the app it will delete all mods, your cosmetics will be back, and you will be unbanned. DISCLAIMER but not rlly ( *MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF ANY SETTINGS THAT HAVE TO DO WITH LOCATION**i.e: *LOCATION(durr) TURNING ON AIRPLANE MODE etc. OR YOU WILL GET A 3 DAY BAN!! If you guys need any help feel free to hit me up on discord and we can jump in a call to figure things out!

  2. Skyler Duncan

    Bro thx man I hadn’t try it yet vr charger work but my pc dead charger ain’t working so I need to order another cord

  3. 3ngerProdz

    Question can I use the mods on the current gorilla tag??

  4. Zy

    Bro I been trying to get mods for so long if this work I will tell my friends to sub to you I will see if this works tomorrow

  5. Rhonda Kachilla

    i tried to get into the discord but theres no image to see the text on teh verify im human

  6. Domsznvr

    He just told us this does not require a PC💀💀💀💀💀

  7. Huntergorrilatag

    ANSWER ME PLEASE : me it’s not a folder it’s a media fire file is this normal?

  8. Breadster64

    thanks bro got banned for 72 hours and it kept kicking me from the game and i have no mods i also met tttpig wich was cool ig he joined my lobby and tome me to tell him what i did why did i do it and when and how

    thans alot pma

  9. Vxrant

    but you need the file manager which you need pc for so it’s clickbait

  10. Hassan Raeesi

    Why every one say in my discord in my discord i dont have one

  11. SpadesPlayz

    Man I don’t really understand it or what you mean

  12. Dr Brob

    You ass hole I lost all my cosmetics when I restored the app and I am banned for 72 hrs

  13. Thickdog

    Very important you don’t need a computer ok guys connect oculus to your computer

  14. Hanna Hislop

    Help pls i do all steps i use amaze as well so i dont need side qeust and when i load into gtag its fall update but i dont have any mods the buttons dont do anything

  15. BFW

    how to unstall mod

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