How to Download & Setup USB Helper [2023]

**This is a re-upload because of a copyright claim, thanks for understanding** 🙂

In this video, I show you how to download and set up USB Helper. Find out how to install the games below.

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USB HELPER download:

How to install & Play Wii U Games:

Guide I used:

Homebrew Wii U Playlist:

Products I Use:
Wii U:
USB to Ethernet Adapter:
128Gb PNY USB Stick:
32Gb USB Stick:
128Gb Micro SD Card:
32 GB: Micro SD Card:
Y Splitter Cord:
Happaugge PVR (Record Videos):

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. DarkDragon1517

    Please help, after I put in the production key, it just freezes, and then gives me an error after a while even though I worked my second try, and now it won’t work at all

  2. Michael Cochran

    Hi, I am having an issue with my USB helper not displaying properly. Where I type in to search for games it is a giant box now. It does still let me search but the problem is that it won’t display the games after the search, or at least it is in a very small window to where I can barely scroll through or see them. Im not sure what caused the change or what is causing the issue but any help would be greatly appreciated. It just seemed to happen a few months ago and I have tried everything to fix it such as a clean install and running it in different compatibility modes and even as administrator to no avail. If anyone knows how to fix this then please let me know and thank you.

  3. Ayrox

    does it still work despite the closure of the Nintendo E-shop ?

  4. C Doe

    Big thanks from Canada. Straight fwd. good work

  5. Joneyor

    Ty, quick and easy to follow, very helpful brother!

  6. abc

    whats the name of the game ur playing?

  7. Freiteez

    Came for the tutorial. Stayed for the doggo

  8. Rob Kiser

    i am having a issue. every game i get off of usb helper downloads fine.i put it on my sd card but when i try to sd to usb in wup installer it says not a game on every single one….any help???

  9. Moss

    It didn't ask me for an address when i launched it? I actually followed a guide for this one but just googled this to make sure i didn't mess anything up. Im hoping maybe it does that automatically now?

  10. Tusk

    It doesn’t work. It crashes. It needs updates which can’t be updated. And it keeps not letting me on it

  11. Rad AF

    Might be a dumb question but is a usb required or is SD ok?

  12. Hi every time I install game using wup installer gx2 it gives me this

    verify wup files are correct and complete. dlc/eshop require sig patch

  13. Go ahead and ask

    whenever i try to open usb helper i get an error code even when i run as administrator

  14. Michael

    Why are there only emulated games there

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