How To Download Steam Workshop Mods for Non-Steam Games – Full Tutorial | Epic & Xbox (2023 Guide)

How To Download Steam Workshop Mods for Non-Steam Games – Full Tutorial | Epic & Xbox

This video will teach you how to get mods from the workshop for games you don’t own on steam.

Steam CMD –
The website you need is

Type – login anonymous

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This Post Has 41 Comments

  1. Ron Sandahl

    For a lot of games the devs have locked the mods so that they can only be downloaded by someone on Steam who owns the game. If you tried to do this and got an error message, that is what is going on.

  2. Puro

    doesn't work for all games

  3. ALT

    it sucks that they shut it down especially when some of the games i got on itch didnt come with steam codes

    Im not trying to buy games multiple times like they're skyrim

  4. Goodscratcher

    screw your bogus. guess ima just have to wait until letms m109 shows up on top-mods

  5. 1978yahel

    Tried but not working anonymously logged in, there is no point to log in with an actual account to check if you own the game, if you own the game on Steam you can download the Steam mods without any problem by subscribing…Thank you tough for the effort of making this video but I think you should change the title, especially that the reason most of us here want a solution to download Steam workshop mods owning games from Epic…

  6. Massimo Guida

    Not working. "Probably requires login with an account that owns the game"

  7. FYI, you don't actually need the last website, the numbers after the command are the game ID and then the workshop item ID, the app ID can be found by just going to the workshop, it can be seen in this video as well before he clicks on the mod, and then the item ID is visible when you are on that mod, it's the last part.
    I am not saying his guide is wrong, if you want to download multiple items it's easier to have 75% of the command ready and just add the item ID, this is still a good place to start. This is from SteamCMD: workshop_download_item : workshop_download_item <appid> <PublishedFileId> : download an item using the workshop system

  8. JosephFF

    It doesn't work
    Steam>workshop_download_item 394360 2777392649

    Downloading item 2777392649 …

    ERROR! Download item 2777392649 failed (Failure).

  9. Erunamo

    too complicated and risky, there is any other way?

    edit: it works well after all

  10. LUCKY 2op

    anything for cities skylines because this game need reel login and i have game in epic games and i cant download any mod anyone can help me

  11. Lee Frost

    Mint!! great instruction video, thanks 👌

  12. Ashar

    just get error, you say i need to login then, but since i own the game on epic and not steam, logging in wont help, i cant even make a post on the workshop thread to ask the modder to upload to alternative location, so im stuck

  13. --

    Thank you ! That was thorough and very easy. It's convenient when making mods with built-in compatibility to other mods for personal use

  14. Parvej Sharif

    Hy man Thanks, but ,in my it says ' ERROR! Download item 1522785644 failed (Failure).

    Steam> ' WHAT SHOULD I DO ?

  15. Samuel.

    It gives an error, says Failed download probably you need to login with an account that own the game or something like that

  16. Red Any Music

    Not working with some mods that Probably requires login with an account that owns the game

  17. Whiplash

    This only works for like 2 or 3 games as far as i am aware. Please update your title/ description to reflect this, if you care about the community as it looks like you do by the concept of the video.

  18. Adam Manthos

    Thank you for this well explained and blessedly short tutorial. It works perfectly for workshop items when the selfish shit's don't lock the content.

  19. Quintin Tostes

    I did everything like you said but get an error in steam cmd while downloading the mod. It's a 3.2 GB map for BO3 zombies

  20. Raidtron

    I tried this for escape simulator but can't since it requires an account that owns the game

  21. Adam Hujerat

    i've tried it with a three different games and its not working ..why ?

  22. Lucas V.

    Work with any game or only supported games ? I want download arma 3 mods but the new metod with WorkshopDL no supports arma 3 🙁

  23. HeyTravelFam

    Huge thank you dude. Really thorough and understandable guide. Mods are working now WOOHOO!

  24. When i go to steam workshop downloader it doesn't give us the yes/no option for the steamcmd

  25. A T

    what to do if the game is bought with gamepass and you havent a copy from the game in steam? That happend with "Total War: WARHAMMER III" and the url says to me "Probably requires login with an account that owns the game." im trying to help a friend to download the mods, and he has the game bought on gamepass

  26. cyllan anassan

    Hi , i followed all the steps…..
    how do you activate the mod then?……i have a GOG copy of stellantis and copy paste to the directory doesnt work….the launcher starts the game automatically….

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