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How to Earn Money on YouTube

Learn how to make money online with YouTube videos in this tutorial video. I run through the following 7 techniques from both my channel and other channels:

1. Advertising revenue
2. Affiliate links
3. License content
4. Get patrons
5. Sell merchandise
6. Sponsorships
7. Speaking engagements

With advertising revenue, learn about the requirements for the YouTube partner program, including 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. Learn about the default revenue share of 55% for the creator and 45% for YouTube. Find out how YouTube makes money on ads.

With affiliate links, learn how to include affiliate content in videos and how they have performed for me.

With licensing content, find out how you can create videos that companies will want to license.

For patrons, learn about Patreon and some of the most common arrangements.

For sponsorships, hear about channels that have successfully gotten sponsorships.

With speaking engagements, learn how some top YouTubers have turned speaking engagements into a material form of income.

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  1. jimenerful

    Thanks for this summary Kevin! I started following you for your Microsoft videos which led me to discover all your other highly informative non techie stuff. Glad I discovered your channel! Can you start doing some videos on power apps?

  2. Milton Mejía

    Just wondering if you know why the low number of views (942) for a video uploaded 2 years ago? Seems odd with your now high subscriber count… Thanks for the video.

  3. N Kevin

    My you teach me how to make youtube videos like yours. Thank you

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