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How To Enable Game Mode in Windows 10 [Simple Guide]

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Want to improve your gaming performance and obtain higher frame rates? Game Mode can help you achieve that.

Here’s a short and simple guide on how to enable Game Mode in Windows 10.


0:00 Intro
0:46 What is Game Mode?
1:07 How to Enable Game Mode
1:53 Outro


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  1. I have a Sony vaio laptop core i3 2.10ghs Nvidia GeForce 410 m with Windows 10 64 or Windows 10 ke latest update the kr le haaa .Me nfs hp 2010 khelna Chaha RHA hu pr Slow chal rhi haaa game active haaa plzzzz helppp meee . Yhii game mene 2010 me yhii game is laptop or is graphic card ke sath kheli the Jo Bhai behtreen chal rhi theee any software or Something??????

  2. Mykolas A.

    My pc says it supports gaming mode, but then you press win. key + G nothing happens. I have 2018 Dell G3 with latest Febuary windows 10 update.

  3. 1CE

    thanks I can now turn gamemode on or off

  4. Chirchy

    It says my pc doesn’t meet hardware requirements

  5. FlorKiler

    damn that was short, its a "Simple Guide" after all

  6. AshDoesLife

    i have game mode on but when i press win + g it dosent work

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