How to Enable Music Haptics on iPhone with iOS 18

so today I want to talk about music heptic this is such a unique way to experience music on your iPhone and I wanted to share with you guys how you can enable this on your device and enjoy this brand new music listening experience on your iPhone now music heptic is an accessibility feature built into iPhone but anyone can enable this on their devices as long as you’re running iOS 18 beta 2 or later now this brand new experience is something that I never experienced before so just imagine you’re in your car the volume is all the way up you feel the vibration from the speakers you can feel the Bas it gives you that sort of Engagement so interpret all that and imagine bringing that over to your device that is the best way I can describe this new music heptic on iPhone now you can enjoy music heptic with refined and texture vibration synchronized to Apple music and other music services on your device it is compatible right now with apple music music classical and Shazam but it does support thirdparty applications so developers can bring this experience to phone users on their applications perhaps YouTube music perhaps Spotify and all these other music Services may bring this new music heptic experience to their users on iPhone in the future now it also works with headphones so you can enjoy the vibrations directly from the speakers of your device and they taptic engine physically on your iPhone but it also supports headphones and it supports apple and beach wireless headphones as well as long as your devices can provide this specific and unique new experience on your headsets as well now in order to enable this feature it is quite simple again you want to make sure you’re running iOS 18 beta 2 or later you want to go into settings you want to head over into accessibilities and you want to scroll down and right here it is music haptics right there it is I already have it enabled on my iPhone once you enable it you get the play sample here once you click that obviously you can feel those vibrations going along with the music it is a super unique experience super new and I think you guys are going to really love it right there it is supported applications right now only Apple music obviously this is still in beta but in the future any app that does support the feature you’ll see it listed here so let me go and show you how this works once you enable it all you have to do is Click play on a song just like so and obviously I can feel the vibrations right now on my iPhone going off like crazy it is such a unique experience I’m going to put my phone down and bring the microphone close to the iPhone so that you can sort of hear that taptic engine it is such a unique experience honestly I really love the fact that Apple has added this and although I’m not the target audience I feel like I enjoy my music a lot better with these feedbacks coming directly from iPhone now you can also enable a disable the option right here directly within the Apple music Media Player and controls and you can also do the same within the lock screen so let’s go into the lock lock screen right there you have the option to enable or disable those music haptics directly from the lock screen of your iPhone so really awesome new music heptic option available for iPhone users again an accessibility feature but yet a really unique experience and a really unique way to experience music on your device thank you for watching let me know what you think about this one and I’ll see you guys on the next one peace

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  1. On my 14 pro max it says “music haptics not available” 🤔 I’m guessing 15 and up 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. @N1C0-09

    Android phones:🗿

  3. @gene430

    Thanks for the info. Hope it’s available on iPad soon.

  4. @yannickdils2244

    Sony call's it Dynamic Vibration on their Xperia lineup
    But Apple invented it just now 😅

  5. Idevicehelp, Just switched from android to iPhone 15 pro max.thinking about joining the beta software .can I use this software on my daily driver or is it THAT unstable ?

  6. @Nohansa95

    love music haptics but my battery went crazy if enable this fittures, btw I testit on my iphone 13 pro max.

  7. @Luis-st5dk

    Nice feature also nice choice of the song 🎵✌🏼✌🏼

  8. @tomcody7779

    I really wish Apple would let us get the new Siri animation like I get the Apple intelligence not being able to use but common I just want the new Siri animation without upgrading my phone just the animation lol

  9. @FunTechVideos

    It doesn’t show up on my iPhone SE 2. Why? I’m running iOS 18 beta 2

  10. Wow! That's a grate feature for apple music, now thinking about it I want to upgrade to iOs 18, but not sure it takes to much gigabytes to update each version, I don’t know I might upgrade when beta four or five is out, but I really want this feature

  11. @londarajas

    I don't understand how you can support a terrorist group that rules a country 🍭💝

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