How to Enable New Spotlight UI with 3 Variants in Windows 11 25281

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  1. Tech Based

    Thanks to for discovering this, follow him for more hidden features!

    P.S. The ID: 41861575 seems to have not worked properly except for the very first variant. Locations for the Icon:
    Variant 0/1: worked
    Variant 2: at the bottom, roughly in the middle just above the search box/task view icon/pinned icons
    Variant 3: bottom left hand corner


    Teach me how to put the search menu to the center when I select Search Box. Using Beta and vivetool

  3. dbest47

    TechBased – Why Microsoft NOT enabled ALL features Windows 11 by default ? It not make sense to me release Windows 11while in "testing mode"… Nutz!

  4. Thanos

    Would be nice if the spotlight button can be place on the taskbar and have the options to have variant 3 take effect for variant 1 (Same UI but clear everything on screen) as well just like how they did with the search bar.

  5. aditya

    Will this thing work if desktop icons are hidden

  6. Can anyone tell me when the update arrives that blocks all these new features for Windows, from the new search bar to the others ?

  7. Madjayax

    I like you put the tutorial based on Dark Mode.

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