How to Fix A Bad Sector on a Hard Drive

How to Fix A Bad Sector on a Hard Drive

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When a hard drive starts to show signs of wear and tear, you may see one or more bad sectors show up when scanning for errors on the disk, when the hard disk starts to go bad and shows bad sectors, the data may get lost on them bad sectors. Does this mean I have to replace my hard drive? no, the rest of the disk will be unaffected by bad sectors and the hard disk will still be usable. What Victoria can do is scan for bad sectors on the drive and mark them as unusable. If you choose to mark as unusable sector, the Operating System will know not write or store data to them bad sectors. In my personal experience, each hard drive and bad sector error is different from case to case and this method may or may not work for you. If the hardware is damaged bad enough I would suggest you backup what you can and replace the hard disk with a new one.

This software is no miracle worker, but it does work for same hard drive problems. Victoria Software can only fix bad sectors that aren’t physical problems, which means if its related to a software issue that leads the bad sector to be marked as bad. Remember physically damaged bad sectors on the hard drive cannot be repaired.

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This Post Has 35 Comments

  1. kenneth

    Thanks Brian,I am looking forward in using this software HDAT2,when I get home.I will use it on my 10 year old Packard Bell Intel Core 2 Quad 8300 @2.50GHz with 1TB Hard drive and 8gb ram,since I install Ubuntu with Win7 my Desktop became slower.i clean installed Win7 installed and I checked for errors in cmd chkdsk c: /f ,Brian will the software (HDAT2) do the same job or better?

  2. Arnanda Bintang

    hello brian
    so my hdd probably has bad sectors and I got an ssd for the c:, my hdd is used for d: and e:. can I remove the hdd without reinstalling the windows? I'm planning to use only my ssd

  3. Mikhail Reyes

    I have 1117 reallocated sector count… Please help meeeee

  4. Relaxing Nature

    Don't you think it would have made a better video if you used a harddrive with problems ? ..this video is like teaching a mecanics course on a flawless brand new car

  5. King king

    Can you please explain what restore and remap do? Does using remap stops that sector forever? And what restore actually does?
    And what actually erase does?
    And also do I need to do anything with smart such as reset it?

  6. Hyperdaze desu

    Me: How to Fix A Bad Sector on a Hard Drive?
    Britec09: Buy a new Hard Drive

  7. Misoni Misoni

    i have done same you have shown but still am getting the same CRC error nor able initialize. so not showing in explore nor disk managment

  8. Swift lee

    Do you have to keep the victoria software once it marks the hdd if any areas that need remapping? Can you uninstall the programme once its done

  9. Gilbert R Pino

    my drive corrupted and can't format to ntfs only exfat works please help me

  10. Dan Jan

    How many bad sectors do the hard drive get slow? My new has 2 bad sectors and 1 weak sector, in the future how many bad sectors will slow down my pc?

  11. UnCrunch

    What cheap brand HDD do you have? If I'm not mistaken, this was an automatic feature and they had spare sectors since early IDE/PATA or before. The drive handled it, the OS and apps only noticed a slow down when it dealt with bad sectors. It didn't always slow apps down if there weren't too many for read ahead / prefetch buffers to keep up.

  12. Brian McBride

    As always, very practical and informative video. The Victoria tutorial was particularly helpful as the app's own help file is written in Russian!

  13. DinoInsideABox

    is there a link for download mate? i dont trust those showing on google for me, i cant find the software website. i have 1 bad sector at the second line on hdd tune and i want to test this victoria before making partitions lol

  14. When I try to do a Write test on my external, all the blocks have an error and say “Access denied”

    When I do a read it’s perfectly fine and the drive works fine and everything like that.

  15. Jeruel Ed Lapiz

    What if I can receive bad sectors with data error cyclic redudancy check?

  16. Macson

    Does chkdsk command do the same? Locate the bad sectors repairs it and doesn’t let it use the bad sector again?

  17. For You

    Hi so what happen if we select erase errors not bad sectors ?
    thank you

  18. Classic Dante

    this was a lousy tutorial, not an explanation of the difference between remap and restore.

  19. demented12

    Would I be able to recover data after using this and formating?

  20. Lenz C

    Doesn't work at all on windows 10, "access denied" when trying to remap etc.

  21. The636Guy

    Victoria reported: SMART status = Unideal , what does this mean ?

  22. Roshan aby

    i was trying to repair it with the harddisk sentinel but it never repairs stuff, I will try using the software you mentioned 🙂

  23. sahar cohen

    Where i can download directly from who developed the software? Not from random web that look suspicious

  24. JoJo

    1:47 RPM = Revs per minute ? Gotcha 👍😂



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