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How to Fix Bootrec /Fixboot Access is Denied Windows 10

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How to Fix Bootrec /Fixboot Access is Denied Windows 10

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Step 1. Boot to your Windows 10 CD or USB. when you get to the install windows screen, click the Repair your computer instead of Install now.

Step 2. Select Troubleshoot and then Advanced Options.

Step 3. Select Command Prompt.

Step 4. Type diskpart and press Enter key.

Step 5. Type list disk and press Enter. Now check disk number to identify boot disk, this is usually Disk 0. if not, use the correct boot disk number.

Step 6. Type select disk 0 (or your boot disk number) and press Enter.

Step 7. Type list volume and press Enter. Now look for the volume number of EFI partition.

Step 8. Type select volume 1 and press Enter. (Change volume to your number)

Step 9. Type assign letter=V: and press Enter. V: can be replaced by any drive letter that is not in use by any partition.

Step 10. Type exit and press Enter.

Step 11. Now type V: (or the drive letter you just assigned) and hit Enter.

Step 12. Type md efimicrosoftboot and hit Enter.

Step 13. Type cd /d V:efimicrosoftboot and hit Enter.

Step 14. Now type bootrec /fixboot command, the problem should be solved now.

Step 15. bcdboot c:windows /l en-us /s V: /f all

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