How to Fix Error 0xc0000001 in Windows 10/11/7 – BEST FIX! 2022

Solution: How to Fix Error “0xc0000001” in Windows 10/11/7 – BEST FIX! 2022.


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  1. Maria Jimenez

    Shutting down three times still didn't bring me to the repair screen.

  2. PHANTOM 2k

    Access denied than use this The command is : " bootsect /nt60 ALL " is the command

  3. puspa baruah

    We have to press and hold which button can u plz tell me

  4. enaxor gil

    At the final step i successfully scanned windows installation total identified windows installations : 1
    Add installation to boot list? Yes(y) no(n) all (a)

    I don't know what to select from here

  5. maria jayaraj

    While running bootrec /fixmbr
    Am getting the system cannot find the file specified

  6. TomzarYT

    How to get to the automatic repair i still have blue screen error code:0xc0000001

  7. Nivraj Lev

    Even if I click safe mode with command promt it doesnt shows up

  8. SUJAL

    RIP for those who forgot their password

  9. Von

    Guys they be lying

  10. Jazmin Alcorn

    It doesn't work, it goes back to the same message "Recovery Your PC couldn't start properly" error code 0xc0000001

  11. Mr. ET

    Hello I need help I tried to do it 3 times and it showed install windows with a red x on the screen pretty much telling me to restart

  12. Rinkashimi🌟

    In PC the windows icon doesnt show. When booting up it already shows the blue screen. How to get to automatic recovery mode?

  13. JusT-ChiLL

    the Easley way is to tap f8 and pick the safe mode and it will work 🔥

  14. Liga a

    For everyone that is having acess denied in "bootrec /fixboot"
    Try to use this command :
    bootsect /nt60 all
    This will reset acess and the command will work
    note: if you exit the CMD you will need to write again the command

  15. PetShow

    File not found – c:bootbcd
    How to proceed?

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