How to Fix Hard Drive Disk 100% Usage

How to Fix Hard Drive Disk 100% Usage

Remember to always backup your data before you work on your computer.

There is many reasons why the hard disk runs at 100% percent. I will list some of the things you can try to resolve the hard drive problem.

In no particular order:

1. Disable Windows Search.

2. Disable SuperFetch Service.

3. Check Anti-virus Software.

4. Scan for Malware and Viruses.

5. Check your hard drive to see if has gone bad.

6. Defragment your hard drive

7. Scan for errors on drive chkdsk /f /r

8. Upgrade hard drive

9. Standard SATA AHCI Controller
Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetEnumPCIAHCI ControllerDevice ParametersInterrupt ManagementMessageSignaledInterruptProperties”,

change MSISupported key from “1” to “0”.

10. Uninstall or Disable Flash Player Update

11. Uninstall Skype

12. Check Resource Monitor for process that’s hogging resources

13. Check Windows updates

14. Try system restore

15. Reinstall Windows

16. Perform a Clean Boot

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  1. Avian

    Thank you SO much! I tried so much disabling and restarting. Problem was with CompatTelRunner taking up WAY too much disk memory! Many Thanks!!!!

  2. Whenever i watch your video back… My hard disk go from 100% usage to 0%… I dont know what happens there..😂😂

  3. Mage 1

    I literally bought this NEW laptop and first thing I notice was 100% disk usage (hdd). This isn't the first time either. . Swear I hate windows 10.

  4. nahrubish

    If you have mcafee anti virus, please remove it


    Using my computer normally and the disk usage is 0-8% .. after 2-3 hours of usage
    The disk usage is 100% for some reason
    And i can't do anything about it just to restart my pc and it annoys me so much !

  6. Mac Xtc

    Why are you using that garbage Avast?… I only recommend that to people that I don't like…
    It makes me question any other recommendations you might make..

  7. TearFoX

    None of this help me . so i began to reset my pc .
    i have lenovo lap with windows 10 .

  8. Suvi

    And on opening everything else, I don't seem to find interrupt manager

    Please help

  9. Dang, I should have started with this video first. You are always so thorough! My son's laptop has had this problem for a year and some of the over videos I watched on Windows Search and Superfetch just didn't help. This video is much more thorough and helped me diagnose and finally fix it. Thanks Britec09!

  10. Owner Owner

    Forget windows there a fix lol android no issues lol…flash memory no hardrive lol

  11. Deepumon. D

    Will Kaspersky antivirus cause this problem? Because I have had an incident that once I installed Kaspersky, my system was slowing down and harddisk usage was 100%. It was also cause blue screen error.

  12. BeardAstra

    Thank you good sir.
    'Background intelligent transfer service' was my culprit.
    But I also turned off Cortana permanently as a plus.
    Now, Disk usage is a cool 12% even though video editor is in process.

  13. abdul aziz

    Sir i am facing the same issue due to this i cant play games. The disk usage after booting. Is 100%for 2 to 3 mins then it drops down as normal to 1 .2 .3 .11 15 etc but when i play games then it rise up to 100% randomly any time which cause 5 to 10 mins freeze. As it downs again the game works perfectly why the usage rise upto 100%

  14. Hey, windows search it works for me. It goes down to 3% disk. Waaaaaaah. THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙏🙏

  15. Ahmad Karout

    you where doing fine but fd it up on the registry part as you asked to find the ven number but how and where
    this is the registry you must be percise

  16. It seems the windows search was also he issue here, thanks a lot for such a clear and comprehensive video. thumbs up

  17. the reason im getting an external ssd is because when i game im getting 100% disk usage. Ive disabled windows search, superfetch. prefetch, storage sense, msi mode to 0, and countless other options and im left with getting an ssd. Plus i dont have alot on my pc as i reinstalled it hoping it would fix the problem, so currently im at 740 gb free of 930 after installing my game to my hdd, which would of been enough if i had to put it on my ssd. Im thinking maybe i should just install the game i play to the ssd in hopes that stops the 100% disk when gaming maybe?

  18. Alan Hernandez

    What if I have 100% usage problem with a second hard drive???? I can't seem to fix thag

  19. I spent a long time researching this problem. Nothing seemed to work. In the end it was the IDE controller however there was no "MessageSignaledInterruptProperties" key in the Registry so I had to create a key and then create and assign a value for "MSISupport". I couldn't have done this without your video, so BIG THANK YOU!

  20. Ken G

    I think mine is hardware related since my secondary WD Black Drive constantly chugs back and forth even before the OS boots and also when I disable it in BIOS. It would make boots slow as well and I use a SSD as boot drive.

  21. khangbob

    It works. I just turned off all the freaking services that I don't use

  22. Simon Cloned

    you know if need anything for my pc and im pretty savy…i always come here..thanks

  23. Manjiri

    Important note: do not uncheck any system services (like HP services if you're an HP user) from the system configuration or else you'll end up locking you're laptop (if you have PIN) as the PIN service isn't running. I ran into this problem so had to factory reset my laptop.j


    Why does everyone focus on the WINDOWS drive, the issue I'm having is that one of the other drives without windows on it is having this issue yet I havent found a single post on the internet on how to fix that

  25. james bachour

    can this HDD for dell E6420 be disassembled and the spindle/reader/platter/motor etc be viewed? do you know?
    WD3200BEKT-75PVMT1, DCM HHOTJHK, Western Digital 320GB SATA 2.5 Hard Drive

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