You are currently viewing How to Fix Printer Problem After Windows 10 Update

How to Fix Printer Problem After Windows 10 Update

How to Fix Printer Problem After Windows 10 Update

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Cannot print after windows 10 update? Whether you have a Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, Samsung Printer, they all go wrong from time to time. So if you have just upgraded to Windows 10 or Updated Windows 10 and now your printer is not working, I will show you step by step guide on how to try and resolve the printer not working after windows upgrade or update.

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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Aadarsh Yadav

    from ms word 2010 my hp printer 2130 can not print only show problem with current printer setup but print from another devices

  2. Tracy LF

    I have an odd Brother printer/scanner issue. The scanner functions, but the printer stopped after an update for Edge browser a day or so ago. I did use the Bro. uninstall tool, but didn't go into the XPS driver to remove printer history there because for some reason, the MS xps/others aren't in the devices & printers, it's empty? Additionally, I ran DISM/restore health + sfc + chkdsk and everything was either okay or repaired successfully. I tried uninstalling all USB ports and restarting, tried plugging to different USB ports, downloaded new software…basically everything I could think. If it weren't new inks, I'd toss it. Now what?

  3. Dazed & Confused

    I don't know how seniors use their computers with all this WINDOWS CRAP. I have an HP, a very expensive HP, and it is virtually useless due to the WINDOWS operating system. I can't put into word just how I feel, because the comment would probably be deleted.

  4. Carol Sykes

    Brilliant! An actual answer to my problem! Thank you so much!

  5. Thanks so much for this. I had to repeat a couple of times before it actually worked. Maybe I didn't remove all the old stuff the first time around. I was so exasperated by this update-induced problem that I had to have a break before I did something rash – came back it was all working- I have an old Epson Sx535WD and the install of the new drivers took a while. Also, on the Printer server screen, it wouldn't delete the old stuff the first time around but once I deleted everything related to Epson. it worked.

  6. don c

    uninstall last windows security update and printer will work like new

  7. abdulmalik jamal

    I need help as I have tried everything but still my spooler properties shows (failed to read description error code 15100.. this will not let me download the canon printer driver .. any help please

  8. Ronda Whitford

    Time sensitive print job and recent Windows update derails it evidently with an update that stopped my older Brother MFC from working now. I've tried 5 different fixes with no change.

  9. Crochet Luna

    Thank You so much! I have been trying to fix this issue forever!

  10. corey

    Thank you work's now just need a driver update use a canon wireless one

  11. A Perez

    Apple is looking pretty sweeeet right about now.

  12. Ana Machado

    Unfortunately I got an "access denied" when trying to remove the XPS document writer and could not move forward. What now?

  13. George Thompson

    Brian you are a champ. You have helped me so much with your videos. You will be surprised to here that they go all the way to Australia. 😂😂
    By the way, although I live in Oz, I’m a Scot and I like listening to your friendly pommy banter. 😂😂😂👍👍

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