How to Fix Realtek Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update

How to Fix Realtek Audio Issue After Windows 10 Update

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How to Fix Audio Problems in Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803. A lot of users have reported that their audio is no longer working after upgrading to the latest version of windows 10 April 2018 update also known as windows 10 build 1803. The main problem is with Realtek audio driver which is out of date or corrupt during the windows update / upgrade process, this sound problem can be solved very easy by following my step by step guide. Watch the whole video to the end and follow the instruction in this video to solve your Realtek audio problem.

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Santhosh Reddy

    Bro after installing . Audio manager app missing… First show the solution for that…..

  2. Jawetty

    Can u do a 2020 version of this vid

  3. Mike W

    BEST SOLUTION: Just uninstall realtek. My speakers were WORKING, until realtek prompted me to select the audio options from their menu. Then the speakers stopped working.


  4. Tiffany K

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to fix this issue for a month now and had just fixed it following your video ! God bless.

  5. Yuhqie

    Mine come up with Microphone and speakers realtek audio but with no error but headphones wont work

  6. Billy Rich

    I just removed all the bluetooth and files. Next I used the drivers that come on my d (backup partition) to reinstall bluetooth. No more choppy audio. Next I updated the drivers manually per bleeping computer website and the choppy audio was back. Reverted back to those original drivers and now enjoying smooth audio.

  7. Bishnu Sunar

    output audio is good but input audio is very low how to fix?

  8. Sri Harsha

    When I enable realtek audio driver it's showing your pc ran into problem why?

  9. Thicc_4k

    i have 1909 but there is no such driver for this version

  10. Kabz

    for people who this didn't work for. the issue for me after spending bloody hours and hours on it turned out to be network latency issues causing the studdering. all i did was hard connect the modem to the computer to take it off wifi. i went back to wifi after i disconnected it and it seems to have fixed it weirdly. i also updated the network drivers after. Worth a try if you feel like youve exhausted every option like I did. All the best.

  11. Jairyx

    I don't know how to fix this but I changed one setting like do you want apply audio enhance or trouble shoot I can't remember it was one setting I did which made my headphone sound quality sound bad and my microphone not work properly can anyone help

  12. jojolafrite90

    NOPE, my problem is a kernel problem you serve no purpose. My problem can't be solved and so, I just have to kill myself now.
    YUZU DEVS killed me!
    Their shit corrupts windows at a low kernel level! They should be in prison!

  13. kshitiz sharma

    i had install many drivers to solve my audio related problem but i still have a low audio in my pc.

  14. Umar Imran

    Does realtek driver need special sound card plz tell me??

  15. Jasmin Hodzic

    I have another issue, can you help? After update of Windows 10 I have sound in headset but it detect like Speakers when using back Line Out from motherboard and its not possible to switch on Headset, I choose Headset it back on Speakers. I reinstall windows, same happen. And sound is bugy and when I set volume on 100% its like 50% what was before. After I connect my Headset in front of case its normal, when I set volume 65% its loud and sound like before, no bugs etc. I using Aorus Elite Motherboard, Hyperx Alpha Headset 3.5mm, MS Paramount Case.

  16. Jos Neira

    mines just reverted to 2.1 sound,, after a win 10 x64 update for ver 1903……i knew something was wrong i had a win update prompt me for about a day, and i tried to to open my realtek audio console, because of having experiencing my turtle beach headphones, are giving me no sound, just a quite fuzz white noise when i try and play any media or w/e, and the console reported a message cannot connect to rpc services…so i rebooted as prompted…and now the conslow opens up but is showing 2.1 sound. and i have a 5.1 sound system, ..and if i try change it, it does nothing and ignores my request……also have major problems with my logitech g25 and a logtech mouse………………..why is this nonesense happening continuously

    with win 10 updates?…….thz anyay i'll try this, even though i've obviously already installed these they seem to be from 2018 at the latest

    Edit i have no driver error in device manager

  17. Mr Lunatico

    i installed new elgato capture card and since then my pc has no audio just static and speakers pick up radio signals

  18. Azzaece

    Don't watch this video with the device you're having audio issues on I found out…

  19. Yahel Braun

    Do you need to uninstall the current driver you have? Or when you download the new one it will do it for you?

  20. Fox Rivers

    So I tried Realtek R2.73 and the newer R2.82 for Win 10. R2.82 did not produce proper output but R2.73 did. Neither produced any sound from the line input nor the default drivers that came with the Dell PC. This was after enabling both the line in and stereo mix in the sounds recording properties of Windows. How can I get line in to work properly?

  21. bfkick

    It’s too annoying at first the audio was just so low so I changed drivers and now the audio stops

  22. ム乇rader๛

    Something is not working, it keep asking me to restart after the first time it asked me to restart…what can I do?

  23. Graphic Aspect

    The system model that you choose “Z270- Gaming 3” is compatible with all models ? Bcz I have a HP compaq and I don’t found the download option realtek..

  24. yacov ichao

    i have Realtek Audio and the suond is very low how can i fix this

  25. Ayro

    My is like a gargled static. No audio at all. Was playing Overwatch, computer crashed, then audio is broken.

  26. RataRaven134

    I’ve watched maybe 20 of these vids and none of them has helped, ima bout to give up

  27. Donny Pearson

    Hello. I was playing with EastWest PLAY and I did not hear anything. I checked my sound volume of my Dell Windows 10 laptop. It was at 50%, but I did not hear anything at all, not even through my external speakers nor my headset. After restarting my laptop, no more audio volume. Realtek disappeared. I installed the Realtek Audio Manger from the ground up and restarted my laptop and no change at all. Jeepers. I cannot afford another Windows 10 laptop.

  28. Brenda Knight

    er… appear to have the same problem as me…NO SOUND!!! All looks very pretty but I can't hear what you are saying. Sub-titles would have been useful.

  29. "no jack information available"
    like, now you see it now you don't.
    oy vey

  30. Caz

    I literally just downloaded my driver and still don’t have the enhancements…


    Bro till now I have installed 5 drivers of realtek but … my laptop audio problem still not fixed. .. it's showing the device u r trying to configure has been removed 😢😢

  32. emad pop

    i,m having a probom
    when i open league of legends
    my speaker volume get high
    i mean very high and when i switch to google or any program my speaker volume back normal
    why this hapening ?? is there any i can do to stop this ? please answer me

  33. Mystery Music

    i wonder why they all releasing these trash updates which come up with more bugs.

  34. Johan Crisse

    I had really distorted (metallic) sound after a Windows 10 update. After every restart It took several minutes before the distortion started. It looked like the audio buffer filled up or something and then the distortion started. Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA gaming motherboard. Updating the Realtek driver didn't work for me. My solution: updating the BIOS fimware (to version F63a).

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