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How to Fix Windows 10 Did Not Start Correctly

How to Fix Windows 10 Did Not Start Correctly

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Sometimes Windows don’t want to startup properly and you end up in a reboot loop. Windows 10 Boot Problems are very common and one of the biggest culprits is a corrupt Master Boot Record MBR for short.

They can be infected or corrupt and sometimes the Windows Startup Repair does not work, so what can we do? we can fix the MBR using a Windows CD or USB. I will show you step by step in this video.

How to repair the Master Boot Record

Start up your computer with the bootable media this can be DVD or USB

Change boot order by tapping function keys (F1, F2, F3, F10, F12, ESC or Del key. One of these keys will get you into your BIOS.

Now change boot order to CD or USB which has Windows 10 on it.

Click Next.

Click the Repair your computer.

Click Troubleshoot.

Click Advanced options.

Click Command Prompt.

Try these commands first

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot
Bootrec /scanos
bootrec /rebuildbcd

If your still having trouble and its not fixed try these below.

bcdedit /export C:bcdbackup
CD boot
attrib bcd -s -h -r
ren C:bootbcd bcd.old
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Still not working? try system restore or reset this pc feature in troubleshoot.

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  1. em

    Extremely useful Brian, had this issue this week!

  2. Mr .y

    At 3:31 the command displayed is different from the one you typed

  3. MicroLord

    I fixed it a long time ago is just to reset

  4. Mark Zajac

    I never get any of these errors in Windows10 and it runs flawlessly. I also have never had any bugs or issues with updates, not even one issue since it was released in 2015. However, don't get me wrong, I don't condone all the telemetry and have other non-technical issues with Windows and Microsoft. But for me, it runs smoothly.

  5. DannyDanko

    Reformat the drive and install something else would be my advice, W10 is worse than any malware ive ever had on my pc.

  6. MrSammy

    😍 yay another Forced Update! 💻😍🚩

  7. Garry

    That's another thumbs up from me for another fantastic tip ! You are a legend !!

  8. Marvin Cornejo

    I like ur presentation and very easy to follow. Please keep on doing good work.

  9. Mwau Kefa

    Always on point.good tutorial…just a question which video recording software do you use that runs even in bios mode or how do you achieve that..Thanks

  10. Michael Donehoo

    Brian – – Is there any way you could please make your watermark (logo) in the upper right-hand corner of your videos just a little smaller? I am a subscriber and I've been following your uploads for quite some time, but your watermark recently has been blocking vital information in that area of the screen, is quite distractive, and is making your videos look, instead of professional and technologically helpful, quite amateurish, regardless of your professional stature – which is immense.

    Please don't get me wrong, I am not a troll and don't recall ever commenting on one of your videos. If I ever did, I'm sure it was to thank you for something that helped me solve a situation that I was experiencing.

    Incidentally, there are lots of alternative means of marking your videos, and I implore you to please check out a few other YouTube channels to see how they do it.

    Even on normal television the channel ID watermark is usually quite small, and usually pushed as far into one of the corners as can be done. – – Now, I can't speak for Britain and how they do it, but almost 100% of the time that is how it's done in America and Canada.

    Bottom-line: Please make your channel watermark currently located in the upper-right corner of your videos, much smaller so that it stops grabbing one's attention, and sometimes is blocking what you're trying to teach us. – – And personally, I would like to see you move it to either the bottom right or left-hand corners.

    Thanks for reading this far, and for taking my advice/request into consideration.

    God bless you, sincerely;
    Michael Donehoo

  11. A G

    Can you help me how to fix "Preparing automatic repair " ?!!
    Please !

  12. SM!LE

    Did my usb need to be empty inside?

  13. Go down the list again. Great things to try. Sadly for me, many times these commands don't fix the problem but following this guide is the perfect place to start.

  14. Shakij Mahamud

    When I go to enter my command on cmd that moment it show me a message like "not enough memory resources are available to process the command".. l'm a laptop user… now what can i do. plz help me bro.😔😔

    bro i wanna talk with you bro.. plz give me your fb id or another account.. plz bro plz.

  15. Sebuhi Memmedov

    Today i tried this method and it works . this saved my time in work. thanks for this kind of videos 👍

  16. tim zupanc

    My MBR is ok… any other Ideas on what could be wrong?

  17. patel keyur

    If we boot windows that time over all data were formeted?

  18. Paul Bamberg

    This happend to my laptop and i haven't made any backups lately. So if do it like you did does all my stuff disappear? Thanks

  19. Squaley

    When i check if my boot is corrupted there is a line saying "displaymessageoverride StartupRepair"

    Every time I boot my laptop I get a start up error please helllpp.

  20. AceUltraman

    When i try to Bootrec /fixboot. access denied is what it says am i still good.?

  21. Binod Tiwari

    I still returned to same place preparing automatic repair

  22. Szymon Cz

    Hi, i got this problem right now. Will this method delete your data (like photos, music, games) or no ?

  23. Thirteen

    Total indentified Windows installations 0

  24. Mr. Kemp

    I recently reset my laptop and it ran into this issue what should i do ?

  25. Jeremiah West

    Mine was permanently fixed through this hacker on IG called Cyberwizard19 that guy is a professional hacker indeed💯.

  26. Herm05g

    When I select the command option its asking for a password. I dont remember setting up a password on this device

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