How to Free Up Space On iPhone

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Learn what is taking up space on your phone and find out how to free up iPhone space in this simple tutorial. I cover the following:

– How to visualize how you’re using your space
– How to delete unused apps
– How to delete documents and data
– How to backup pictures and videos and then remove them from your phone
– How to delete music
– How to delete messages

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  1. Kevin Stratvert

    One question that comes up a lot is what contributes to the 'Other' category of iPhone space usage. System files, settings preferences, saved memos, messages, and various other application files all contribute to 'Other'. Although you can't completely get rid of 'Other', you can greatly reduce its size by going through each app and clearing out things like Voicemails, cache, history, etc. Follow the video tutorial, and once you're on the iPhone storage area of settings, take time to go through each app and clear out unnecessary data. Hope this helps!

  2. ship d

    There video you have. 200I subs

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