How to get Microsoft PowerPoint for FREE!!!

No cost, no trial, legal, & no install required. Find out how to get Microsoft PowerPoint entirely for FREE.

Thinking about subscribing to Office 365? Check the latest pricing on Amazon: (as a disclaimer, purchasing through this link gives me a small commission to support videos on this channel — the price to you is the same).

For full disclosure, I work at Microsoft as a full-time employee.


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  1. Zubi Jest

    Thank you so much for your help…………..

  2. Edin

    this is the free version of microsoft office, it's free but only in the website, plus its shittier

  3. ParisianStreets

    i'm using it, but view tab doesnt right click to give the gridline option. how can I align the title precisely at top left corner, logo and all, in every slide without gridlines?

  4. Basit Halde

    Thanks sir searching for a good tutorial from morning now i got it.

  5. Happy Being

    i cannot see that upload powerpoint option in the top right corner? why? i am currently using windows 10

  6. Flux

    Ive been using ms word online for a while now and didn't know that there's also an online powerpoint. Im so stupid. Thanks for the wonderful video.

  7. xFake22

    your stupid i swear thats not dowload o pusysyyysuysys


    Duuuuuuude, and to think I was using google slideshow when this was free the whole time.

  9. Chunky Cheese

    bru i thought this was a scam like the other guides i watched but this actually works! tysm

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