How to get Microsoft Word for FREE!!!

No cost, no trial, legal, & no install required. Find out how to get Microsoft Word entirely for FREE.

Thinking about subscribing to Office 365? Check the latest pricing on Amazon: (as a disclaimer, purchasing through this link gives me a small commission to support videos on this channel — the price to you is the same).

For full disclosure, I work at Microsoft as a full-time employee.


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  1. moodini99

    Fuck this. nt the software, not online use. Misleading video name

  2. nino

    Thank you so much! I subscribed!

  3. Robert Pedrycz

    you are such a byczek man i love u helped me a lot broo best byczek

  4. Isioma Ojeme

    I have an ms word, but I’m unable to activate it and I don’t have a product key

  5. Zigi_CZE

    i had to write an document, and i have it only 1 day to do it soo….

    you SAFED MY LIVE BRO <3

  6. Haneen AlSaud

    Thank you so much
    I was struggling to get it
    Awesome 🙏🙏

  7. Karen Martinez

    Thank you so much! I am am preschool teacher, this is very helpfull! God bless you! 🙏

  8. Kevin, I'm stuck.. having a serious problem logging in & getting started on a new doc or downloading a doc I recently created in Word (not using online, but my previous subscription which just ended supposedly April 1st. It auto-uploads all my saved Word docs, but doesn't seem to let me begin w/ a New Blank Word doc or download one I just recently created & was working in in Word, just prior to & shortly after my last yr.'s subscription just recently expired. Fact is, I didn't know I wasn't required & wasn't mandatory to renew the Word subscription, last yr., so re-purchased it last yr. @ this time. (Renewing after I was talked into purchasing the Office 365 download, @ Best Buy when I purchased this Mac there, in 2016. Then I found your tutorial above., have followed your steps & can open online, but things don't seem to be synching w/ the old & new account here online… maybe due to it recognizes my e-mail address w/ the previous subscription account? & seems to not let me proceed to open a New Blank doc template to copy paste unsaved doc I was working on offline right before & or after the Word subscription expired. It synchs w/ the previous subscription & pulls up & displays (on the left hand side) all of my saved Word docs, from the former subscription… but it doesn't seem to be letting me open Word w/ a New Blank doc or save the one I've been working on when my subscription expired, by either copy/pasting it, or downloading it from the current unsaved Word doc in the expired Word app or whatever you call it that you purchase w/ a subscription. Should I maybe remove delete this Word app from my Mac? Will that allow me to start over fresh in Word online? But will that um delete all of my saved docs created while using the subscription? & If so, is there a way to copy & paste & save all of those before removing the MS Word app from my doc & anywhere else it resides? . Not sure how to proceed so I can cont. working on Word online… rather than re-purchase subscription, which I don't need.. w/ just me, here. When I try to create a New Account…A big Word icon on a full screen white background, fills the entire page.. when I try clicking on a New Blank Word doc template, on Word program online. But when I click on the (big) icon, it goes nowhere. Can you help? I also tried re-setting or changing my Password from the former MS Word subscription, but same issue is still there, bc it recognizes my e-mail address, I assume?. I also tried to Create a whole New Account..but it has memorized & recognizes my subscription account's e-mail address. Perhaps this is why it's not letting me move fwd.? I'm stumped. Can you walk me thru & past this issue & get me up & running w/ Word online?…yet how can I transfer over or downloading all of my Word docs from the Word app or subscription or whatever you'd call it…(both saved docs & the recent last unsaved doc which it now won't let me save now w/ the subscription just expired)? Can I save or download all of my previous & current Word docs, (all created offline using a subscription..before I learned from you that I don't need one), how do I transport them onto Word online? I also tried finding Log Out to start afresh w/ Word online & tried to create a New Account, but it seems to stop me bc of the memorized e-mail address w/ the previous subscription account username, even when I create a New Password w/ it. i.e. do I uninstall the MS Word app I bought f/ this Mac, first? & If so, how do I save, first, all of my (previous) saved Word docs, & 1 or 2 recent unsaved Word docs which it won't allow me to save now w/ the subscription expired, (so they're not lost when I uninstall the Word app from my Mac. I'm stuck. Thank you f/ any help you're able to provide. I even called my local Mac store & repair techs to ask f/ their in-person help walking me thru this, (they'll help f/ free), but they may be closed doe to this virus thing, I get their voice mail. Thanks, Kev. Love this tutorial! It's awesome & so are you! Christena

  9. Jacquolyn Groe

    Thank you! Excited to try it for free. You explained it very well.

  10. Its meerez

    This is using Word ONLINE not GETTING it big difference!

  11. Felipe M

    Dude, you are literally in every single search "office for free". I think you don't understand what people want.

  12. Supreme seagμll

    Word is way to expensive for what it is.
    You can type and edit texts, I'd rather use free paint then because it's nearly the same. I don't understand the price at all.

  13. _Am 77

    I lost my original wondows os
    And i install another windows os
    There isnt any ms office software

    Is there any way to download that
    Please reply
    I search in youtube all around but such method contains virus i think

  14. Study

    I have Microsoft word for free

  15. Study

    But the catch is I downloaded it on my phone

  16. Anisha Uk Vlogs

    i love itttt than k u very michhhhhhh
    every one sub to his channel

  17. LI OZ

    Hi Kevin, My purchased copy of word doesn't have a PDF on it. Can you advise me on how to get it? A word doc doesn't save exactly as I write it. It moves around the photos and text. A PDF is the only way to make sure things do not move around. Thanks


    Thank you very much, you just made my day. I thought all my files were gone but I followed your directives and all is good agains. Thanks a lot.

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