How to invest

Everything you need to know about getting started with investing. Find out why you shouldn’t leave your money in cash, learn how and where to invest, and find out when to invest.

Since I started investing 15 years ago, I’ve been able to increase my net worth by 43% a year and I’ve gotten to the point where my investments earn more than my salary. In this video, I share how I personally invest and how I’ve gotten these returns.

I’ll walk you through the reasons why to invest. Next, I cover how the market has performed over the past 115 years. Then I tell you where to invest your money. Lastly, I cover when to invest and how much you should invest.

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  1. Carl

    Thanks Kevin, everything you have said here is absolutely true. This, in my opinion, is the best balance between risk and return. Thanks from Australia.

  2. Star 666

    Hey Just wondering because your leaving Microsoft what star sign are you ?

  3. JM Music

    Any good resources you'd recommend for reading about investing?

  4. A Person

    How is it that in 2008 you were around 0, but not in the negative?

  5. emayhand

    Kevin, there is no way you're getting 43% returns on average investing in index funds. Please elaborate.

  6. Saintor1

    Do I see a "66 to '80 plateau? Not as bad as '29 to '54, still…..Personally I would not rely on index funds because P/E ratios are all around the places. Tesla/Amazon stocks look great, but they have terrible P/E ratios, living in a bubble, not to say another planet. Those index funds are greatly influenced by these bubbles waiting to burst. IMO, I don't trust a straight 10% expectation… you might face a long plateau as well… I work with 4.5-6%, still worth investing. You mentioned average +43% returns…. can happen only with massive speculation, not index funds obviously.

  7. Amy K

    Can you do a video about college savings plans? I've seen you mention Medical Savings Accounts, Roth Accounts and 401ks but what about College savings for the kids? Is it worth it?

  8. Daniel Scully

    Great video. Very informative. What is your opinion on the housing market vs the stock market? Is it a good idea to sell my investment property to invest in stocks?

  9. Eye-Entertainer

    Can other nationalities(Japan, S Korea, India, etc) invest money in Fidelity and Vanguard? Kevin, Please reply…

  10. Hey Kevin! Even though I am from the UK, I watch your videos to educate myself.

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