How to Make Desktop Shortcuts in Windows 10

How to Make Desktop Shortcuts in Windows 10

Creating desktop shortcut icons has never been easier.

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  1. Would you know how to get a certain app on the desktop (example:netflix) because I can't figure it out 🙁

  2. V4L1

    Hey is there anyway you can create like something a program or idk to just tap it and hide all deskstop icons would be cool

  3. Re-made Games


  4. Wolf Walker

    Windows never was great. It's now extremely convoluted and not handicap friendly as illustrated by this icon to desktop fiasco. We use to be able to click on a program which is now called an APP and simply drag it to the desk top in one stroke. Windows and it's founder's programs use to crash constantly. I'll never trust any vaccine Bill Gates is associated with as he takes too many tries before his leadership gets it right, and then, once he has a stable program like Windows 7, his company screws it up in Windows 10. Furthermore, his company doesn't support old programs forcing people rent new ones to keep its revenue streaming in. Bill Gate's track record is far from exemplary, so he's not the person to be involved with anyone's health much less vaccines as once they're in a body mistakes cannot be deleted. Mistakes with past vaccines, which Mr. Gates was not involved with, include the polio vaccine. It is likely many during the 1950s and 60s carried Simian Virus 40 (SV 40) that may cause soft tissue cancer 30 to 50 years later. The vaccine model is a fair one, but human error makes them potentially genocidal.

  5. Draculana

    I have a pinned software that I want to make a shortcut for instead of having it pinned. Would this work?

  6. Armin

    I did a way easier trick i lost my steam from my desktop but went to files and when i found its file i hold mouse1 on it and drag it to desktop and then boom! Its on my desktop screen so use this trick instead

  7. i have a problem with my laptop that i cant fix, my laptop does not allow me to put things on my desktop, even my recycle bin is gone please help(I'm on windows 10)

  8. ベン

    Is there a way to add a shortcut to a certain settings on your desktop like display adapters for a certain monitor during startup?


    ya it didnt help me either he talks to fast and does everything very fast

  10. Moosicle

    Astronaut drinking beer in space true slav

  11. Dominic

    Thank you for this tutorial. It's so easy and simple. I was wondering how to make the shortcut before this. Thumbs up!

  12. jon blachley

    This video needs to be labeled "The long and Unnecessarily Complicated Creation of Short-cuts"

  13. D S

    i cannot understand a word you said.

  14. My steam shortcut went bye bye so I just pinned it to my taskbar cause I can’t focus on tutorials

  15. Soviet Doge

    I have a winrar file and I want to make a shortcut to the application in it, but it is not shown in this video. can someone help me?

  16. Cerise Karpinski

    This did not help me at all!!! I want short cut buttons for ebay, amazon, youtube, netflix, & so on.

  17. Silichip-X

    How to create a shortcut with a relative path to any location in the file directory?

  18. salim fofana

    Hi my game shortcut is always missing how do I fix that?

  19. Kenzie Weddall

    ok see your mail icon? are you able to log into your mail, or is there a glitch? i was having some extreme problems and I thought you should look into this for a next video

  20. sherry beaston

    THE Date on this video ??? This was to fast I couldn't keep up with where to go, why make a video if its to fast to follow 8-20-21

  21. Alititanium

    when it is austrailian or indian you know it is going to work

  22. eugene

    As a time saver, go to your start menu (little logo in the bottom corner). Find the app you want on the desktop, left click and drag it to the desired spot. Easy.

  23. Michael Onodu

    I knew a whole 5 minutes video on creating shortcuts was a red flag.

  24. Robert L Vincent

    You missed the point. I don't want to make a link to something on the computer. I want to make a link to something NOT on the computer, such as a webpage. I don't want to go through a browser.

  25. Viq

    The channel is always dropping GEMS!
    Just upgraded and this windwos 11 is culture shock all over again.


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