How to Make Vanilla Ice Cream – using Kitchen Aid ice cream mixer

Learn how to make French Vanilla Ice Cream using just 6 ingredients and an ice cream mixer / maker. There’s nothing better than delicious homemade vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day!

Following this video, you’ll be able to make your own homemade vanilla ice cream.

I personally use the Kitchen Aid Mixer ( and Ice Cream Maker Attachment ( to make ice cream.

Ingredients needed:
– 2.5 cups (590mL) half-and-half
– 8 egg yolks
– 1 cup (235mL) sugar
– 2.5 cups (590mL) whipping cream
– 4 teaspoons (20mL) vanilla extract
– 1/8 teaspoon (.5mL) salt
Equipment Needed:
– Ice cream mixer / maker
Nutrition Information:
– 260 calories
– 3 g protein
– 16 g carbohydrates
– 20 g total fat
– 12 g saturated fat
– 165mg cholesteral
– 50mg sodium

*Per serving – Serving size: 0.5 cups; 120mL


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  1. Alex A.

    I want to buy the ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid mixer so bad, but anywhere I see it it has horrible reviews that it busts and leaks the coolant. Is yours still intact??

  2. How to replace half and half? it doesn't exist in my country, just regular milk.

  3. Viktor Ko

    When he says half and half, I think he means milk………

  4. Jay Pence

    Don't have a kitchen aid mixer to mix the egg and sugar you can do it by hand.

    Proceeds to use a special Kitchenaid mixer bowl for the mixer to make the ice cream.

  5. Walter P Hopkins

    That was a very good video. I will use it when I make my first batch of French Vanilla Ice Cream.

  6. Aiesha Stewart

    I love this recipe can you change the vanilla for a different flavor? I want to make butter pecan but I think you need make extract

  7. Dave Francis

    Based on the vids by kitchenaide, you took it out of the ice cream maker bowl way too early.

  8. K N

    I think you should have used 9 eggs yolks instead of 8. Other than that it looks good.

  9. Paul V

    I made this ice cream. My entire family loved it!! It came out perfect! Thank you.

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