How to Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows 7

How to Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows 7

Not everyone like the look of Windows 10 and still like the look of Windows 7. So in this video I will show you how to make Windows 10 look like Windows 7 with a couple of simple steps.

Remember to always backup your data before working on your computer and also create a system restore point.


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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. fat ninja 420

    In another universe….

    H O W T O M A K E W I N D O W S 7 L OO K L I K E W I N D O W S 10

  2. Michael Martin

    Windows 10, has a lot of Windows 7 embedded within it. The big question is how to resurrect it from the depths of Windows 10, so you have the advantages of both Operating Systems in one. Microsoft could have easily given Window 7 users the option of a Windows 7 UFI for Windows 10.

  3. iXam aXtroller

    the UIs on win10 is like shet, win7 has far better UIs and it just got thrown to the bin

  4. iiOmqJxmie

    How do you change it back because I kinda prefer the Windows 10

  5. George Aramoonie

    I know this video is 3 years old, but just so everyone knows, Classic Shell is now Open Shell and can still be downloaded and updated.

  6. Homer Simpson

    Awesome. So glad it got rid of the tiles in the start menu.

  7. Namratha pai

    @Britec09 pls tell me how to revert it pls say it fast

  8. M 4789

    i remember i had like a silver task bar on windows 7 tryin to find that lol

  9. My issue is the UGLY title bars on Windows. How can I make them look like Windows 7? I thought about getting Windows blinds but there site is too sus.

  10. A group of people took Classic Shell and made a "reboot" of it called Open Shell which acts exactly the same as Classic shell but there is more features that you can mess around with.

  11. Specter

    the question is : how can i make my Windows 7 look like Windows 7 ;-;

  12. Mr Filip

    Thank you, Microsoft. It has almost become impossible to change the background, let alone anything else

  13. SuperLittleTyke

    A PC guy is building me a Ryzen PC sometime in the next week, installing (by my request) Windows 10,and the first thing I will do after setting it up is to run your video again and make it look like Windows 7. Great video, very easy to understand, thanks!

  14. S_Malik - Roblox

    May I ask about the taskbar customization? It will look a lot more like Windows 7.

  15. george lopera

    No need to look like windows 7, windows 10 is just making consumers to pay for expensive compatible software! Because all your software will not be compatible! You just like buying new computer if you upgrade to windows 10.

  16. A_nice

    Dude the start image is wrong you only can choose the default

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