How To Mirror Windows PC Screen to a Android Phone

How To Mirror Windows PC Screen to a Android Phone

Looking for how to cast your windows desktop screen to a android phone? well its pretty easy when you know how.

We will need some software called chrome remote desktop host on both android phone and windows 10 computer.

It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

How to Display Your Laptop Screen on an Android Phone:

1. Download the Chrome Remote Desktop app.
2. On your computer, open Chrome.
3. In the address bar at the top, type chrome://apps and press Enter.
4. Click Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome Remote Desktop App.
5. Under ‘My Computers’, click Get started.
6. Click Enable remote connections.
7. Enter a PIN and re-type the PIN. Click OK.
8. Click Yes to install the Chrome Remote Desktop service.
9. Confirm the Google Account and enter the PIN again to continue.

The computer that you allowed should appear under ‘My Computers’.

Access another computer with Chrome Remote Desktop


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  1. Anime x Edits

    Thanks you I was very angry with the recorder I use so I had a plan If we can cast android screen to PC then where will be PC screen to android and by that I can record the videos on phone thank you

  2. Rift

    are you able to put the android application into landscape mode?

  3. SMN 2

    Very good video. Additionally, by using apps like R-HUB remote support servers, Teamviewer, Logmein, Gosupportnow etc. one can easily mirror Windows PC Screen to a Android Phone.

  4. syed sabeer

    I unable to use in offline… Sir How I can use in offline

  5. Animeliam

    thanks mate, I really appreciate your tutorial

  6. chefkero

    Can be used vice versa with this app too?

  7. Noor

    Yo thanks i knew there was a better way than what I kept googling, don't wanna pay for something so simple.

  8. SoloKen

    Me use this way to record my pc gameplay so I get smooth fps

  9. Jonas

    WebRTC chrome extension is alot simpler tbh

  10. Gareth Pritchard

    Hi, how do you stop the sound from coming through pc, I want it only coming through on tablet ? Thank you

  11. ColtonIzAWeirdo

    I'm doing this because my 10 year old PC can't screen record so I'm using my phone to record it

  12. KRXZY

    It can rotate? Or just portrait?

  13. MightyXT

    Thanks for the tutorial, the screen is cracked on the computer, but not on the phone.

  14. Fimto Official

    Just you take me to a simple way
    Really appreciate you thank you alot

  15. HIKYYD

    Thank you so much. this helped me alot

  16. ch Akram

    They must be in the same network LAN , what is the solution if i need to do the same but by internet (wan).

  17. GameTechs

    i want to cast my laptop game to mobile with usb C cable so i can use my phone net to live stream it

  18. Asim Shaiban

    Does anyone know if I can use the pen 🖊 on the galaxy tablet?

    I want to use the tablet to draw on my pc program when away from home…..

    Some good programs aren’t on android you know…..

  19. दाजेम

    This is awesome………
    You came out at 2018, and came to me at 2022… This is soooooo unfair…. I almost spent 2000/- INR for this things….

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