How to Optimize Performance of Any Gaming PC


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  1. @r3kop

    My pen is hard and my pencil is soft

  2. @aiuniverse

    Memory timing affects performance more than clock speeds on memory

  3. @NrGSourcEsurfeR

    Find the point in the game graphics settings give you the most fps with over 96% usage or 99% usage which technically 100% at this point. You'll notice the lower you go from.the sweet spot.can actually.cause more instability issues on the cpu side I.e 60% cpu and 70% gpu, this here tells you youve hit the limitation of pumping anymore fps in the given resolution and moving up to say 4k would put more work on the gpu bringing.its usage back up.aboth 96% or bringing up the graphics settings to higher quality.

  4. @Iampaztro

    No I will keep my 300 tabs of shows that I will totally watch open.

  5. @Jeremiah_324

    Hey bro I am wanting a PC and I want to build one but my budget is only around 930$ I'm leaning towards the nzxt player one is this a good choice? I mean i would have enough left over for a monitor and the other things. But could you tell me if there is a better pre built out there for around the same price as the player one?

  6. @masikergmg

    If you have a 4090 a chrome tab aint gonna do shit 💀

  7. My brain is not braining…Cuz I never heard that 4090 also existed 💀

    I've 3080 but it was gifted to me 🤣

  8. @Ravedalf

    Use throttlestop for your cpu. I got my 10nth gen 110U i3 from 2.07GHz to 4.10GHz.

  9. @user-xu7zc8nt6d

    Awful advice about ReBar.
    It causes more trouble than in grants performance.
    Keep it turned off


    I think bro is bottle necking if he ain't getting proper performance out of that mf 4090. I have a balanced setup and I can get over 100 fps in most games which is good enough for me.

  11. @MrOnepiece14

    Asking how to get more performance out of a 4090 is fucking crazy. That's like asking what kind of workout routine Superman would need to get more gains, the fuck.

  12. XMP is overclocking and on DDR5 is likely not even gonna work stock, especially on amd above 6400mhz and even on intel above 7000mhz. Just keep in mind

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