How To Pick the Best TV for Sports

So you’re gearing up for the big game and you’re thinking about getting a new TV to watch it in all its glory. I like it! Great idea! But a great idea needs an equally great plan. So don’t go buy that new TV for the big game until you’ve watched this video, so you can select the best TV for all your sports viewing.

We talk about what makes one TV better than another for watching sports, what to look for AND what to ignore when shopping for a new TV., and also why anyone who says that “buying a TV just for sports is dumb” probably means well, but is also totally wrong.

So check out the full video for our advice on what’s really important if watching sports is your first priority no matter if your a Football, Soccer or Hockey fan. And the bonus is, a TV that’s great for sports, tends to be great for just about anything else you like to watch.

Dirty screen effect test clip:


What is ‘Dirty Screen Effect?’
The best TVs of 2023:
The best live TV streaming services:
How to watch Super Bowl 2023:

00:00 Intro
01:49 When sports looks bad
02:31 Motion blur and 120Hz
06:37 Bright and beautiful
08:06 How to avoid dirty screen effect!
08:59 The best color
10:24 How to watch
12:37 Final Thoughts



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  1. Allan Pape

    Having just purchased a Hisense U7H for watching movies on, it's performance with sport
    was of no interest.
    A good TV should perform well with whatever you intend to watch on it, i have no doubt that
    this years new models will perform better, but i am not into changing just because there are
    newer models available.
    Buy the right TV and you will be good for a few years.

  2. greekgod41

    The whole "best t.v" mantra is nothing short of a massive con job by the t.v manufacturing industry. Why do I say this?, Because there is not 1 broadcast signal in existence that is 4K…..All transmissions are broadcast in 1080i, not even 1080p. So that means your 4K t.v's are a joke, all they're doing is upscaling the 1080i broadcast sport events to 4K, but they are not 4K not even close. Everything is done in 1080i

  3. Dan C

    Congrats on reaching 1 Million Subs!!!

  4. John Sheen

    Can you please go back and look at the Samsung QN90/95b and the S95b since Samsung updated the firmware to 1420.9.

    My TV has been ruined!

  5. d3v p

    YouTube TV is god awful for sports. If none of the streaming apps aren’t doing their fake 4k of upscaled 1080p, they all look bad. Many dip in and out of giving you below 60fps which is a death knell for sports. Fox doing their “4k” is good in the app. Apple TV sports is the best going. Amazon nfl Thursday nights was just as good as Apple. Peacock, Paramount, et al are pretty bad. The only thing that makes me miss Fios TV is sports streaming. Antenna is best these days but doesn’t work for ESPN, tnt, etc.

  6. esteban1973

    Can you address the fact that many people leave their cable boxes and satellite receivers at whatever settings the installer left it at? I'm a former cable tech and seen way too many times people with great TV's weren't getting optimal picture either from using non-HD channels or inputs when HD is available or the default box settings are standard def or auto fill screen format or just not using hdmi. It would help a lot of people realize how good their displays really are when the source settings are better. Thanks.

  7. Rob Trombino

    Caleb’s videos are fun to watch and I respect his knowledge and experience. But this video is a bit of head-scratcher.

    The whole point of this video is about having a TV that has the capabilities of great detail, great color and tons of brightness in any environment. . . without the risk of burn-in or forced dimming, which of course means that Q-LED should be the first recommended choice, especially after what was shown at CES. And long as you have complete control of adjusting Blur Reduction & Judder Reduction, then you’re good to go under any circumstance. OLEDS are essentially the antithesis of all of this.

  8. JS

    Great video! I enjoy the educational approach of this channel VS just telling you what TV/appliance to buy. You’ve helped me to learn the specs and see what works for my space and budget. I recently bought a 65” Hisense U8H Google Tv with the acquire knowledge and couldn’t be happier! Appreciate y’all.

  9. Masquirrel

    I have Youtube TV and I use a Nvidia Shield 2019 which AI upscales images that are not in 4K. Best picture you can get to watch live sports.

  10. Craig Osterberg

    Also look up UTubers who do TVs. They will give you settings to improve your tv experience for free.

  11. TUN4R

    i swear they have the best TV support table EVER

  12. barnes Cohen

    Making money is an action.keeping money is a behaviour,but "Growing money is wisdom" I figured this out a week ago.✅

  13. Eli

    For sport I will buy 200 inch TV so the for realistic experience so the players will need to run from one edge of the screen to the other

  14. Swaroop

    Great suggestions for people looking for new TV. BTW are the giveaway winners announced yet?

  15. DewittOralee

    People don't realize how amazing picture quality can be with antenna in most big cities. I would always try to sell one whenever I sold a TV. It's also nice to hear somebody else preaching the sports streaming apps. They are wayyyy better than cable.

  16. DaDaDaDa Da

    Modernwize channel has a great video to detect dirty screen effect (DSE). If you watch hockey or football, DSE is a big concern on a TV.

  17. Matt Vinvaktor

    Be careful it almost sounded like u were acknowledging that motion smoothing is a good thing… That was close

  18. Tor Guy

    TIP, when TV manufactures put "240 Motion", it usually mean 120Hz Native, if they put "120 Motion", it usually means 60Hz Native.

  19. DaDaDaDa Da

    I love my TCL 75R655 for 120Hz gaming and sports.


    I'm really on the fence about getting the 77" LG OLED C2 or the 77" Sony A80K OLED! I think I should wait a few years for QD-OLED to work out there bug's!! I'm really up in the Air I hate making tv decisions!

  21. Thank you so much for this amazing content-Keep up the good work-Going back to watching the video lol watching Football is where I spend most of my time on a tv-movies and other's come only second to that😅-so this is just what the doctor ordered😍-thanks again Caleb- Have a gr8 2023 Mate…………

  22. I-Soldat-I

    Having watched your review of the TCL 65R646 QLED, and updating it after setting it up. Its super beautiful on the visuals. Didn't break the bank mini led back-lights FTW

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