How to Play Movies From PC to TV Using Wireless

How to Play Movies From PC to TV Using Wireless

If you want to view movies or tv shows on your TV from your computer its pretty easy to do. All you need is a wireless or ethernet connection on your home network.

Your also need to make sure your TV have a media feature built in, most modern smart tv today come with this feature.

I have tested it on Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and Hisense TV and it works flawlessly. Just make sure you are all on the same home network and make sure network sharing is setup correctly on your computer and your good to go.

I setup the network sharing on Windows 10 and had no problems.
No more streaming movies on your pc and broadcasting them on your TV, this is a much more better way of to share movies from pc to smart tv

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  1. Ware Beats

    Thank you very much! Working on Samsung TV 🙂 🙂

  2. Nagy Norbert

    It didn’t work for me. My tv see the folders but it doesn’t see a single movie from the 100. 🙁

  3. No "Media " section on my Panasonic smart TV, yes I have internet connection via 5g WiFi but drops out when trying to use browser etc. to connect to youtube, flickr etc. and nothing to show the PC connected or files etc. ???
    Media player says – "no device connected."

  4. Thank you. whathever in my smart TV samsung the video stop and start every 5sec. Buffering? the TV is connected with cable and de PC on wifi. How can i solve the problem? thanks

  5. kuyaLancePH

    I'm not a hater but the guy's voice is like: "Hello everyone, my name is Korg…"

  6. damgaard333

    Mine won't play. I got it working with a short 30 second clip, no problem, but when i went to load an entire movie, it never got to playing. My theory so far, is that the TV is trying to load the entire movie, before starting to play, but it gets stuck somwehere in the process.

    I gave it ~10 minutes, which should've been plenty (I have gigabit locally), but it just got stuck at the loading screen.

    Verified the movie can play on my computer, any suggestions to fix this?

  7. Jun Pis-an

    i cant see my Tv name on local network, only the "media program on this pc"

  8. Rkyiel Liwanag

    i have a hard time on the tv part i can't seem to locate the network configuration

  9. Luis Fernandez

    Super usefull!!! U saved my life. If you have vlc app and you have followed all the steps of the video, just search for local files on your vlc app and you will see your movies there. If it asks you for a password just hit ok without putting anyting and you are done. 100% quality and no buffering or so. Thank you so much!

  10. Yuzu Nikaidou

    Will this still work even if the PC is turned off? Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. Ulhas Karankar

    In every 2-3 minutes video freezes for few seconds. Do you have any solutions ?

  12. Sluggish Hollow

    Man, you are a legend. I didn't think it was possible. I had my tv hung on the wall. So, I couldn't use HDMI cable

  13. Clive

    Does this only work with smart TV? I tried it with my apple tv box device and I just could not connect it wirelessly. 😞. I think I could probably get it to work by downloading my movies to itunes and projecting them on to my TV

  14. Laghari Farm

    After these settings, my tv Chromecast device still not discoverable. Pls help

  15. Valter Lego

    Sorry but it doesn't work on Hisense 50e76gq. Is there some magic trick or issue with that model?

  16. Cj Pfeiffer

    im trying to re set this up on windows 11 but my tv says it wont recognize the file

  17. RBeatz' Remix's

    All i see it's Media players On this network … No Tv Found what so ever …. but when im on youtube .. i can cast from YT to Tv … I do the exact way yo do …

  18. Krish Gamers

    Can I play a blue ray movie from my pc to my tv with all Dolby Atmos sound enabled by this process ?

  19. YUP…you nailed it buddy. Only channel that had the important instruction about media sharing

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