How to Record Your iPhone Screen

FREE & No App Required. Learn How to Record your iPhone Screen using using this native / built in iOS functionality.

Learn how to record an iPhone 11 screen in my latest video:

This works on iPhone 6/7/8/X. Learn how to toggle on/off audio recording as part of your screen capture.


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  1. Varun Varu

    Thank you so much for this video 😊😊👌

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    How are u not verified, u are a great YouTuber!

  3. Ricky Duran

    Oh my god it’s real thank you very much for your teach I will subscribe you

  4. Poozy Alzate

    ahhhhhh, why doesn't anyone explain how to record something. If I do what you just said, it only records my controls. I want to record stuff off of YouTube. How do you do that?

  5. Susan Lewis

    Why would I want to record my screen? I want to record a video that’s on my phone. Can I do that?

  6. P L U T 0 XD

    I did that but I didn’t say customize😡👁👄👁

  7. JellyQueen

    OMG TYSM!I got a new phone and it wasn’t one here! This saved my life!

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    Thank You so Much I love Your Videos so much. Its so educational and Its Really Good In Everything I Just love Your Videos .Keep Up , You Are A Legend

  10. Addy

    Ty for showing me that

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