How to Recover Data From Any Drive

How to Recover Data From Any Drive

There is nothing worst then losing all your photos, documents, emails, music, videos. Its happen to us all where we never backed up our files and then we lose our data.

data recovery has never been easier with software, no expensive fees to recover lost or deleted data, even after formatting your hard drive you can still recover your lost photos, documents, emails, music, videos.

You can recover data on a USB Flash Drive, Hard Drive, SSD, Micro SD Card and more. I will be using stellar phoenix windows data recovery software, its not free but it lets you scan your hard drive to see if it detects your lost data, if it does find your lost files you can then buy the software.

The most important thing is to stop using the hard drive, USB storage device, SSD or Micro SD Card as soon as you realise your data is lost. This will give you the best chance of data recovery.

Stellar Phoenix:

* Can Recover Data from Hard Drive
* Can Recover Data from SSD
* Can Recover Data from Micro SD Card
* Can Recover Data from External Hard Drive
* Can Recover Data from USB Flash Drive
* Can Recover Data from SD Card
* Can Recover Data from M.2 NVME

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  1. you say any drive?, what about dead/clicking hard drive, i find recuva is free and works fantastic on deleted lost files.

  2. mcilveen11

    why use this over piriforms recuva? which is free

  3. MrSammy

    😱 I lost my data using Windows Disk Partition, it changed my partitions to dynamic, i then deleted one of the blank partitions but it deleted another partition as well, doh! 😡

  4. John sweda

    can you help us out here or got an answer to my problem! nobody's managed to give me any answers to this problem maybe you might be better or not??
    when I leave a comment like this! and put a link that shows up in blue to a website or YouTube channel nobody can see my comment. thanks

  5. JB

    Brilliant. Thanks, Brian.

  6. Eagle Ales

    All i don't see your registration key, what is key number???????hahhahah just kidding, i am a PC repairman and this is very good for me,also my Clint who lost of data,so i can recover his data. definitely this is excellent software.i am gonna buy this one, very very helpful video. thanks Brian.

  7. SuperiorBeen

    From my experience R-Studio is the most advanced recovery software, no other software comes close but you have to pay for it. There is no free version.

  8. Derek Coster

    GetDataBack is pretty good as well. All the free ones like Recuva don't do much and can make a failing drive worse.

  9. Albert Johnson

    Excellent Video Brian,

    Where should i see the product information.
    Additionally, is there any Mac version available one of my close friend looking for it ?

  10. Grindum

    What about a external WD HD that was not PW protected I was using for extra space on my Windows 8 desktop, that decided to essentially lock itself behind pw now that I updated to Windows 10 and reconnect it. I contacted WD and they said I'd have to send it and pay $1500 to recover my data from the drive

  11. Peta Gonkyi

    How to read Windows XP file (Sony MP3 player -song) 2007 in Windows 10. Before I can play on desktop using Winamp but since last several months ago my PC is not detecting the files on the Sony MP3 player?

  12. Jeremiah West

    I got all my lost files recovered through Cyberwizard19 on instagram,he is the best in data recoverÿ

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