How to Roll Back Windows 10 Update

How to Roll Back Windows 10 Update 1803 (April 2018 Update)

If your having computer problem with Windows 10 after the windows update and you want to roll back to the previous version of Windows 10 build, then this video is for you.

Remember to backup your data before downgrading to previous version of windows 10.

How to Rollback to the Previous Version of Windows after an Windows Update

Settings – Update & Security – Recovery
Click the “Get started” button to “Go back to the previous version of Windows 10“.

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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. Tith Chakrya


  2. Welowas

    Alright, there is one thing I don't quite understand. It says you should try updating first before doing a rollback but can't you only rollback to the last version you had before, so updating will make you be stuck with the version that doesn't work and an updated one that could potentially also not work.
    Or do I misunderstand something here, would the rollback after the second update get you back to the version from before you did the first update?

  3. SwagBelly

    Thnx, after latest update all games become unplayable due to fps boom, before it i had 140 in LOL and now i have 45…. well done microsoft with broken as always unavoidable update ;(

  4. martin

    Brillant video. you save my bacon. Lesson learnt. always back up your data. Thanks for the video

  5. The100Radical

    I had to go back to a previous Windows 10 build because I did the Windows 10 20H2 update and my system was not recognizing my GPU and there were many other bugs.

  6. Vinoth Kumar G

    Does restore to previous windows version can increase the ram usage?? I recently updated my Windows 10 now my browser is hanging and ram consumption is 95% . Can restore helps me to use without any hang?

  7. PACKO

    What do you do after 10 days???

  8. Jack LikesMath

    Latest version broke my bluetooth controllers so time for a rollback until they fix it.

  9. ExcalicoGT 5

    It deosnt work for me. I don't have the option anymore to roll back

  10. Naruto ExE

    How can I restore everything after I roll backed windows?????

  11. Rifqi Anshari

    thank you very much, you have helped my thesis assignment

  12. Goat Man

    POV: it's 2 years later and the April update messed up your fps

  13. Karhu

    I updated like an hour ago to some version called 20H2 and now its saying i updated 10 days ago

  14. Bean YTuwu

    The reason why I wanted to go back is because I LITRALY CANT OKAY ROBLOX TWT

  15. Geoff Da

    Thank you sooo much. Dont know how many times i have had to do this.

  16. risir

    Windows update make the screen black and my internet connection not working.

  17. Hyper_r

    Will rolling back will fix my hang problem and takes time to startup problems after the new update : 21H1?? And my hardware is supported

  18. Josh Trujillo

    Got the new update lastnight and it isnt working with my graphics drivers. Im looking at the recovery page and theres no ability to rollback a previous version

  19. farouk Mastercam

    i have this message the file we need to take you back to a previous version of windows were removed from this PC.

  20. bugy

    dude this fucking update made it so i cant open setting or powershell and i cant use type here to search

  21. Francis Rago


  22. Daniel Wright

    Option to go back is greyed out, what did I expect from this video anyway

  23. Joel Dyre

    Why the hell do I only get 10 damn days to roll back… really Microsoft……

  24. veific

    why isnt my next button showing up for me?

  25. Bò Sữaaa

    Why in my recovery dont have roll back help me plss !!

  26. dot.

    i updated my pc last night but theres no option to to go back to the previous version

  27. Marielle Plandez

    Hi, I updated my laptop to Windows 10 and roll back it to windows 10 again but the version I had back then is not the same as before I upgrade it to W11 and I have missed my chance to restore the old version like what shown to yours. Can I still be able to update mine to the previous windows 10 pro?

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