How to Schedule a FULL Scan with Windows Defender

How to Schedule a FULL Scan with Windows Defender

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1. Search for Schedule tasks in search box.
2. In top left pane, expand Task Scheduler Library / Microsoft / Windows and then scroll down and double-click the Windows Defender folder.
3. In the top-center pane, double-click Windows Defender Scheduled Scan.
4. Select the Triggers tab, and then select New.
5. Set your time and frequency, and then select OK.

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Barry G

    I often overlook the Task Scheduler…very useful if used properly…can be a great time saver

  2. Gokul K

    Your thumbnail waste improve your thumbnail.. then You can Get More views

  3. Michel J. Gaudet

    Hii there, Brian. Does Windows Defender have the capability of being launched for a full scan by using a shortcut-key combination method? My system pretty much stays up & running and I would like to EASILY just be able to hit a few keys as I am getting ready to walk away. I do not like using the task schedule function as I never know when I might be doing something on the system; no regular routine here.
    I can not tell you how helpful your channel has been for me since discovering it. It would take hours! So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  4. jasonwarbird

    Read my mind… literally was googling this yesterday since as usual MS removed a nice gui to do this. Frustrating!

  5. Eagle Ales

    Good video, also did you make my posting video, i could not see? thanks Brian.

  6. Wild Heart

    Really helpful.
    I saw this online on a Web Page, but couldn't find the Task Scheduler :O)
    This step by step process was just the job..thank you!

  7. Wild Heart

    I've been checking every day since I set up the Schedule, at 10 a.m. daily.
    However, it seems to only be doing it once a week, even though, I've double checked the settings!
    Weird! I've gone back in and set up a new Schedule, hopefully that'll work this time! 🤞😉

  8. Vikce Viktoras

    its very good for you guys when you have that windows defender i dont even have all fking time
    all the problems fking

  9. Roy London

    This does not schedule a full scan ..just quick scan

  10. Robert Dillett

    I am going to start using windows defender after always using third party antivirus. I do schedule scans all the time. I would like to know if windows defender can be set to turn the laptop off automatically after completing a scan? look forward to reading your reply…

  11. A. M. McCullough

    I need a FULL scan. Not the 15 minute quickie that this does by default. Your title is misleading because it says full scan but this is not what happens with this procedure.

  12. Scott Gardner

    probably should remove this crap vid…. not a full scan. very misleading.

  13. Constant Light

    Can I use this from USB Recover Drive created within Windows?

  14. Not at all helpful. Maybe this instruction does tell us how to get a full scan, but maybe it doesn’t. That’s the problem: you never clarified which one it does. As an aside, you sound like a slackjawed troglodyte when you talk about a “pacific” time. I believe you meant “Specific”, mate

  15. dxrksoul

    How can i add all the actions in windows defender back because i accidentally deleted them all

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